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The masturbation tissues the world probably didn't need.






So here’s a product the world probably didn’t need: Spankrags.

Let me elaborate. Spankrags are basically tissues with the faces of attractive women plastered on them, to be used purely for masturbation. Yep.

Spankrags were created by Irish and German designers Jonathan Courtney and Thomas Viehweger, who were concerned that there were far less sex toys available to men than to women. Fair enough.

But while they are kind of funny (kinda), they are also kind of gross.

Because is it just us – or is there something super confronting about this product? The way it objectifies women and reduces their faces and mouths to nothing but sperm receptacles?

Here are a few examples:


And another: 


And another: 

And another: 


You get the picture. But don’t worry, Spankrags are nothing if not inclusive…they are bringing out a men’s range any day now. Thank goodness.

But now, over to you.

What do you think of Spankrags? Harmless fun, or offensive? 


Here are some that we are definitely Not Ok With.