MasterChef spoiled last night's episode in the most annoying way.

Heads are going to roll at MasterChef HQ.

When it comes to MasterChef, the main tactic is BUILD THE TENSION (usually with suspenseful music and ads in the most annoying places). And it seems to serve them well.

But apparently someone on the social media team didn’t get the memo.

A Facebook blunder saw the final three revealed ahead of last night’s elimination.

A picture promoting a Master Class (the second part of tonight’s show – AFTER the elimination) showed three of the remaining four contestants standing behind the judges.

And poor old Reynold was relegated to the back of the pack with the other eliminated contestants.

Though the post was deleted after 15 minutes, eagle-eyed fans were quick to go on the attack, telling their fun-spoiling overlord they would NOT be watching the episode. After all, what was the point?

In response to fans collectively losing their shit, MasterChef apologised, saying the mistake was due to “human error”.

Looks like someone was marched off to HR first thing this morning…

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