Fans are really not happy with the two contestants chosen for tonight's Masterchef finale.

Warning: Spoilers ahead. If you don’t want to know who makes it into the Masterchef finale, we’d suggest you stop reading.

Watching other people cook on television is practically Australia’s favourite national past time and last night the Masterchef grand finalists were decided with a result that left fans of the show divided.

The final three contestants – Sashi Cheliah, Ben Borsht and Khanh Ong – were asked to cook for 60 Masterchef alumni, each cook required to make a main course and dessert for 20 past contestants. Some familiar faces included season one winner Julie Goodwin, and Ben Milbourne, Elena Duggan and Hayden Quinn.

Celebrated chef Shannon Bennett, of Melbourne’s famous Vue De Monde, was also present offering his guidance to the contestants.

While all three cooks struggled with preparing their food before the end of service, Khanh’s sub-par canh chua ca (a traditional Vietnamese fish dish) and violet ice cream, honeycomb and dark chocolate mousse ultimately excluded him from the final two.

However when it came to tasting, some fans accused the judges of showing favouritism towards Ben, who has developed a reputation for consistently cooking with fish.



Take a look at Khanh’s best hits on Masterchef:

Other fans, although in the minority, were happy with the final two and expressed their excitement ahead of Tuesday night’s grand finale, which will see Sashi and Ben recreating a dish designed by internationally renowned chef Heston Blumenthal.



The Masterhef Australia finale will air on Channel 10 on Tuesday night at 7:30pm.

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