Masterchef's latest dessert challenge had 74 steps. Yep, 74.

Spare a thought for Masterchef contestants Harry Foster, Charlie Satori and Elise Franciskovic, who on Monday night faced the insane task of recreating Shangri-La pasty chef Anna Polyviou’s take on Eton Mess.

Ordinarily, the job of creating the dish – which is traditionally made up of meringues, cream and berries – wouldn’t seem too arduous.

But let’s not forget that this is Masterchef. and Polyviou’s dessert, dubbed Anna’s Mess, was naturally no ordinary recreation that could be made at home by mere mortal cooks.

Not your average Monday night dessert. Source: Channel 10.

Upon unveiling the domed creation, Foster dubbed the edible wonder "a pink Death Star".

One white chocolate dome filled with meringue kisses, raspberry curd, a white chocolate mascarpone mousse, strawberry coulis, financier sponge, graffiti painted dials, fresh fruit and baby basil was all they were asking for.

And at 74 steps later, the Eton Mess suddenly doesn't seem all that simple. It seems a little decadent even by Matt "cravats 'til I die" Preston's standards.


When it hurts to look at. Source: Channel 10.

“I was honestly looking at it thinking ‘I’m pretty sure this is something meant for the finale, not for an elimination episode half way through the competition," Satori said. Which was an apt observation given that Heston Blumental's 2015 finale dish only had 55 steps to it.

The three contestants were then afforded three hours and 15 minutes to recreate the dish.

74 steps later. Source: Channel 10.

Before you go thinking that it sounds like a lot of time, bear in mind that requires the completion of around 24.5 steps per hour.

The test proved to be one of the most difficult exercises in the history of the show, with their iconic "tense scene" music playing on an all-time high.

Despite having a love of all things sweet, the challenge eventually lead to Sartori's demise and saw him leave the competition.