It's a Masterchef scandal. Alert the authorities.

Drama, drama, drama.

OK, I’m the first to admit I haven’t truly been on the MasterChef bandwagon since the first couple of seasons.

As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t get any better than Poh Ling Yeow – and she didn’t even win. #pohwasrobbed

Despite my lack of personal interest and involvement in the show, I still believe there are certain standards to be upheld, which is why I have taken it upon myself to report on what could be a breach of the official MasterChef code. (Is there a code? There must be a code.)

It was touch and go for Stephen Rooney last night. Image via Facebook.

The breach in question?

Judge Gary Mehigan telling contestant Stephen Rooney, 31, that he had his chocolate mousse recipe wrong, giving him the opportunity to start over.

And now people are saying that that little tip saved Stephen from elimination and returning to his normal person life.

Check out some past MasterChef contestants…Post continues after gallery.

Melbourne medical scientist Jacqui Ackland, 40, was eventually sent home after undercooking her lasagne and overcooking her scampi and not nailing a 7-minute mousse like Stephen did.

But to be fair, who really knows how to cook scampi? And who even knows what a scampi is?

Jacqui Ackland took her elimination on the chin. Image via Facebook.

Recruitment consultant Rooney, despite having to whip up a chocolate mousse in seven minutes after Mehigan’s tip, was spared.

Viewers, tell me, is that what happened? If so, this is a serious issue. How can the reality show continue its run with such blatant flouting of the rules.

Your input is needed here.

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