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Buckets of tears and a mushroom dessert: The 5 biggest moments from the MasterChef premiere.

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Say goodbye to commitment ceremonies and dinner parties and say hello to mystery boxes and croquembouches because MasterChef Australia is officially back.  

The new season kicked off tonight, and it's already made us realise just how sub-par our cooking skills really are. (That, and how much we missed Jock's accent). 

Watch a sneak peek for the new season of MasterChef Australia. Post continues below. 

Video via Channel 10. 

Tonight we were introduced to the new crop of hopeful chefs hoping to take their place in the MasterChef kitchen and battle it out for the $250,000 prize money. 

But not everyone made it through straight away, with many invited to cook again tomorrow night. 

Here are five of the biggest moments from the MasterChef premiere. 

1. The moment Australia collectively fell in love with Brent.

Right off the bat was 31-year-old boilermaker Brent. And we'd be lying if we say we didn't love him already.

"My cooking style - it’s rough. It’s a bit like my face - really rustic and not refined at all," he joked. 

He later admitted to the judges that he "already cried, like, six times".

"The fellas on the work site, if they see this – pfft gone."

When asked who he cooks for, Brent said, "For my wife... she's the love of my life and my son". 

And this is exactly the wholesome content we need right now. 

Of course, we aren't alone in the Brent fan club. 


2. The dessert that looked like a mushroom.

MasterChef is known for food that doesn't look like... food. 

But Therese took it to a whole new level when she created a mystical dessert that looked like a mushroom straight from ground. We're talking soil, moss, branches, the whole shebang.

And of course, the judges bloody loved it. 

Image: Channel 10.  

3. When Tommy made Melissa (and us) tear up. 

Yep, we were less than an hour in and we were already feeling all the emotions. 

It was all thanks to Tommy, a primary school teacher from Sydney. 

After presenting his chicken congee to the judges, Tommy opened up about just how much cooking really meant to him. 

"Growing up it was rough, like my mum had to take care of me and my two brother all by herself. And she still had the time to make amazing food. That really showed me that food is really important," he told Melissa, who started to tear up. 

"When I cook this, I don't just taste all the amazing flavours, but I taste the love you know? And I want you to be able to taste that same love, not only from me but my mum as well."

Of course, the first thing he did after receiving his apron was call his mum. 


"I won't let you down", he told the judges. 

Image: Channel 10. 

4. When Kishwar made the judges tear up (again). 

We thought we had made it through the sob-fest part of MasterChef. But nope. 

Kishwar had us feeling all the feels when she started talking about her dream of creating a Bangladeshi cookbook to keep her family's traditions alive. 

"I come from a big family of cooks, the Bengali cuisine that I carry with me has been passed down from generation to generation. If I don’t do that, it’s going to end with me and I really want to pass that down," she said as she started to tear up. 

"It's a really beautiful dream," said Melissa. 

"It's a very small dream," Kishwar replied.

Image: Channel 10.  


5. Minoli and her six dishes. 

Last but not least, we had Minoli, who shared that she had breast cancer and lost her sense of taste for over a year. 

"It really put a lot of things in perspective, gaining that sense of taste back... I realised I want to spend all the effort that I put into my career, into food."

And she's certainly not afraid of taking risks. 

Minoli served up six different dishes when all she needed was one. 

"It’s definitely a risky move doing six dishes today, just one bad dish could cost me the apron so I have to nail every single one," she said. 

But after some dramatic pauses from the judges, Minoli was finally given her MasterChef apron. And we couldn't be happier for her. 

MasterChef Australia continues 7:30pm Tuesday on Channel 10. 

Feature Image: Channel 10/Mamamia.