Matt did not win MasterChef last night. And the internet is not at all happy.

Its’s official. MasterChef is over, and people are not happy about who won.

Having aired its nail-biting finale last night, viewers watched on as coffee-roaster Matt Sinclair and teacher Elena Duggan battled it out to be the crowned champion and take home $250,000 in prize money.

Three original dishes and one 91-step Heston Blumenthal creation the is definitely not home cook friendly later, Duggan took home the glory.

The Masterchef Australia 2016 finale with Matt Sinclair and Elena Duggan. Post continues… 

Video via Masterchef

Viewers of the hit Channel 10 show were outraged for Sinclair, who proved himself to be a strong competitor and crowd favourite from early on.

“Matt is Australia’s new Shannon Noll,” one Twitter user wrote, suggesting that much like the What About Me? singer, Sinclair too, was a the runner-up robbed.

Others thought Matt’s consistency throughout the season was not taken into account.

But like all previous seasons, overall performance is not considered in the final scores of the night.

But when it’s all said and done, the clinching moment that landed Elena her win was her ability to deliver Blumenthal’s frankly bamboozling dish that brought home the win.

And at least one Twitter user seemed to understand.

Until next year, MasterChef.