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1. “She is so consistent.” Khanh shares who he thinks will take out the MasterChef crown.

As the MasterChef: Back to Win finale draws near (ish), we can’t help but think about one question: who is going to win this?

Considering all 11 contestants that are currently competing have tried their luck once before, they all have a serious shot.

However, contestant Khanh Ong has offered his thoughts about who will take out the crown.

Speaking to New Idea he said, “If it’s not me, then I really hope Reynold [Poernomo] wins, because he deserves it.


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Come on, come on, come on!! @masterchefau #sugarblowing#applepie

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“He’s put in all the hard yards, he has travelled the world and worked for free at amazing restaurants just to learn. That’s commendable; it’s amazing. He’s really talented.”

However, Khanh hints that dessert queen Emelia Jackson, who recently emerged as a ‘dark horse’ frontrunner, is one to look out for too.


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TOFU. #masterchefau

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“Emelia is so consistent, she’s amazing, she’s sassy and has all the personality in the world,” Khanh says. “And she is just an incredible human being.”

Well, that doesn’t exactly give us a clear winner… but we will keep both of them in mind.

MasterChef Back to Win returns tonight at 7.30pm on Channel 10.

2. After leaving MAFS in a cheating scandal, Stacey Hampton has found love again.

Well, it’s Instagram official.

Married at First Sight‘s Stacey Hampton has found love again, announcing the relationship last night.


In an Instagram post, Stacey wrote: “Haven’t opened up to anyone in a long time, I’m scared but I’m happy,” tagging her new boyfriend, Mick.

A quick analysis of his profile showed that he is a “Business Owner” from Sydney.

Very on-brand, Stacey.

Mick shared a post of his own, writing: “Straight out, when I watched MAFS I was like wow, 10/10, and then I saw who you got matched with who would prefer to get on the piss then spend quality time with a diamond.

“Then one day I saw you at the casino months ago before COVID-19 and buckled, and now out of faith look at where we are now. You are the first person I have connected with in a long time.”

Here’s to the happy couple!

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3. “My son and I take baths together.” Alicia Silverstone says she takes baths with her 9yo son Bear.

Clueless actress Alicia Silverstone has shared that she often takes baths with her nine-year-old son, Bear.

The 43-year-old explained that the pair share a bath together when talking through her self-isolation routine with The New York Times.

“My son and I take baths together, and when he’s not with me, I take a bath and that really feels nourishing and comforting,” she told the publication.



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Hello Europe! Bear and I had such fun exploring your majesty. From speaking @theoxfordunion (Bear spoke too ????) to soaking up the gentle sunlight and beauty pictured here in Cotswolds. While in London I loved wandering around with Bear. The Houses of Parliament were fun to walk by, ice skating at @somersethouse was beautiful, and Hyde Park was so pretty this Winter. Amsterdam was another favorite stop on our adventure. The canals, the architecture, it was all just so picturesque. We rented bikes for the whole time we were there and rode everywhere. I was so impressed with Bear. He only just learned to ride (we live in a neighborhood where would be very unsafe for even me to ride a bike!) and he was riding in the streets navigating electric busses, cars, pedestrians and other cyclists. It was adventurous and glorious! I had mild anxiety, like please don’t let anything go wrong! But most of me was so happy and proud of him :) Our favorite veggie spots we discovered below: London: @portobellojuice @nopi_restaurant loved!! @grangerandco avocado and toast and tomatoes and kale were nice! And the olives and cappuccino were yum Oxford: @sohofarmhouse such yummy food and so cozy Amsterdam: @coffeecoconuts was so yum and pretty @restaurantdekas is a cool restaurant in a greenhouse; all organic using mostly herbs and veg from own garden. @littlecollinsamsterdam so so so yummy! #Vinkeles (@HoteltheDylan) was so so yummy as well! No veggies to be found anywhere in #dortmund – it was rough for a minute ???? Thank you @charjjacobs for being our travel agent extraordinaire ????

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This isn’t the first time the actress’ parenting choices has made headlines.

Back in 2012, Silverstone caused quite the controversy when she explained that she would feed Bear by chewing food in her own mouth before passing it to him to eat.


She has also faced backlash for her son’s vegan diet.

“People said lots of different things, and I was sort of ‘the freak,’ and I guess I’ll take pride in that because it is hard to be the person that’s speaking out, and it is hard to be the person that is saying the thing that isn’t what everybody else wants to hear,” she told the publication.

Silverstone shares her son with ex-husband Christopher Jarecki, who she has been co-parenting with during isolation.

4. Riverdale star Lili Reinhart has come out as a “proud, bisexual woman.”

Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart has come out as bisexual while showing her support for the ‘LGBTQ+ For #BlackLivesMatter’ protest in Califonia.

The 23-year-old announced the news on Instagram while encouraging fans to walk alongside her and take part in the protest.

“Although I’ve never announced it publicly before, I am a proud bisexual woman,” she wrote on her Instagram stories.

“And I will be joining this protest today. Come join.”

Instagram @lilireinhart

The news comes weeks after she and her Riverdale co-star Cole Sprouse reportedly split after three years together.

Following George Floyd's death earlier last week, Reinhart, like many celebrities, has been encouraging fans to stand up against racial injustice.


5. Bullying, violence and paedophilia: How Glee became the most controversial show of the decade.

Glee was one of the biggest shows of its time.

The surprise hit, which ran from 2009 to 2015, about a high school Glee club was at its core a fun, light-hearted show. It tackled some tough topics – not always successfully – but it tried, and mostly it was a wholesome feel-good watch for those who enjoyed positivity and acapella versions of songs they were already sick of from the radio.

But beyond its happy-go-lucky surface, behind the scenes at Glee were many very dark, very ugly controversies and crimes.

The latest scandal broke just this week, five years after the show ended for good, in response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Lea Michele, who played lead character Rachel Berry, tweeted her support for the movement following George Floyd's death.

Her former co-star Samantha Ware responded to the tweet in all caps, calling Michele out for how she treated Ware on set.


Her account was backed up by other Glee actors, including Amber Riley - one of the main cast members, who played Mercedes - who posted a GIF of her sipping tea.


Alex Newell, who appeared on four seasons of the show, also backed Ware.



To read more about why Glee was so controversial, read our earlier article here.

Feature image: Instagram/@emelia_jackson

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