Monday afternoon's news in under 5 minutes: January 12.

We’ve rounded up the headlines from across the world this afternoon — so it’ll only take you a couple of minutes to catch up on the most important news around this afternoon.

1. Surprise: You’re having a baby! Right now!

A US woman, Katie Kropas of Weymouth, Massachusetts got the surprise of her life when she found out she was pregnant as she went into labour.

With not a lot of prep time, 23-year-old Kropas found out she was pregnant at 10:15am on Sunday and had a baby at 11:06.

Kropas had no idea she was pregnant due to being on birth control and still experiencing relatively regular periods, she told local news channel NECN.

Katie delivered a healthy baby girl, weighing 10 pounds and realised that weight she had put on wasn’t actually from a Christmas binge.

You can read about another surprise pregnancy right here.

2. Swedish screen siren Anita Ekberg has died.

Actress Anita Ekberg has died at age 83.

A screenshot from La Dolce Vita.

Ekberg performed in over 50 films during her illustrious career, and was best known for her role in ‘La Dolce Vita’, where she splashed around in the Trevi Fountain.

Ekberg passed on Sunday in a hospital after fracturing her rib in her adopted hometown of Rome.

3. More children contract measles after visiting Disneyland.

More children have been diagnosed with measles after visiting Disneyland.

Mamamia previosuly reported an outbreak of the potentially deadly disease, but a total of 19 cases has now been confirmed as children contracted measles after spending time at the “happiest place on Earth”.

Of the 16 cases in California, only 2 children were vaccinated against the highly infectious disease.

The other cases are back in their home states, two cases are in Utah and one is in Colorado.

19 people have contracted measles after visiting Disneyland.

4. The Bundaberg library website has been hacked by a Free Syria hactivist.

A Free Syria hacktivist has hacked into the Bundaberg library website.


The hacker has no clear links with the Anonymous group of hackers, and claims to be working independently from Egypt, the Courier Mail reports.

A screenshot of the hacked site.

The hacker wrote about the US government’s support of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad in the fight against the Islamic State, and used the Bundaberg Library’s website as his platform.

Previously the hacktivist has used the Tasmania, Queensland and Western Australia state government websites, preferring government websites to spread his message.

6. Marriage equality is being considered by Texas – and not everyone’s happy about it.

Same-sex marriage may soon be legal in Texas, with the US Supreme Court expected to soon make a ruling that would dissolve bans on same sex marriage in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

A three-judge panel sitting in a federal appeals court on Friday considered arguments from lawyers representing those states, and arguing that the court should uphold gay marriage bans in those states.

Marriage equality could soon be legal in Texas.

But two of the three judges appeared critical of the lawyers’ arguments — giving hope to supporters of marriage equality.

Texas is now fighting back with a House Bill which will take away the salary of any clerk who allows same sex couples to wed.

The court could issue a ruling in the case at any time, The Advocate reports.

In the US, same-sex marriages are legal in 36 US states and the District of Columbia.

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