We asked a hairdresser what magic sorcery a $275 hairbrush can do. Apparently a lot.

Hello friends of the internet, I have a conundrum.

There is currently a Mason Pearson hairbrush on sale and I am on the precipice of caving.

It’s a hefty $190, but also down from the standard $275, which is a $ 85 saving (and, Mildred from accounting, you did read that right).

This is a big deal because these brushes NEVER GO ON SALE, but as a common folk with no royal lineage that I know of, it’s still a triple digit hairbrush and equates to many a pieces of hipster-cafe avo on toast.

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It’s known as the Vitamix of hairbrushes, but coming in at $275 (or its $189.99 sale price) it’s an investment to say the least.

Those who swear by its shine-inducing powers are adamant that unlike a plastic cheapo, this is the hair brushing utensil to live and die by.

The brushes are mostly manufactured by hand and unlike other brushes, the bristles never break. The mix of nylon and boar bristle is known to perfectly distribute oil from the root of your hair to the ends, and promise to help your hair reach its glossiest potential.


In other words, it’s worth it.

Speaking to Mamamia, legendary hairdresser and salon owner of Raw, Anthony Nader calls it the “hair brush of all hairbrushes,” and “British royalty,” which is fair because it’s probably also the brush that Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte use.

With 25 years experience in the industry, Anthony says he bought his first hairbrush 20 years ago and hasn’t looked back.

“It’s my staple hairbrush that I know is guaranteed to give me the results of what I need to accomplish, either in the salon working with clients, or in a studio working on a model’s hair,” said Anthony.

He justifies the exorbitant price because “it will outlast every other brush on the market.”

“How many brushes would you purchase in, say, 10 or 20 years compared to one brush? That’s my way of thinking,” he explains.

It’s even become a family tradition for him and his husband to gift each of his 13 nieces and nephews a child-sized brush the first time they meet them. A keep sake of sorts.


“They still have them, and most importantly, use them,” says Anthony.

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Asking around the Mamamia office if anyone’s scalp had also been blessed, half my colleagues greeted me with mild shock at the high price (very fair)  while the other half were exasperatedly curious.

However, more importantly, those that did own the brush, had nothing but glowing reviews.

Senior Podcast Producer Elissa Ratliff has owned her now 50 year old brush since she was three years old, which has been handed down from her great grandmother.

Beauty aficionado Leigh Campbell is also a fan and has one sitting pretty on her desk at all times. She’s had her trusty brush for more than 15 years and happens to be the proud owner of a very shiny head of hair.

“It’s still going strong, and I swear it makes my hair heaps shinier than a cheap plastic brush,” she says.

“I think of it like a Dyson vacuum or designer handbag, it’s a cost per wear thing.”

Mason Pearson worth it
Trust us, Leigh (R) and Nama (L) both have great hair. Image: Instagram @leighacampbell and @namawinston.

Content Producer Nama Winston invested in a Mason Pearson brush five years ago after a "rogue colourist" damaged her hair.

"I needed something that wouldn't be rough on my fragile strands," says Nama, who loves her brush because it doesn't snag or tug.


Luckily, we can confirm that her hair has been restored to its former glory and she's still an adamant fan.

"It never creates static like other brushes can and the way that it's made means the bristles massage your scalp and you can definitely feel that difference."

"Also it lasts forever. No missing or broken bristles despite daily use, and regular cleaning."

Night Editor Marta agrees. Initially she was worried that the boar bristles would be too rough for her fine hair, but says that it's "flawless, and glides through her hair like nothing else."

"Unlike most brushes, it actually brushes your hair, which means it will change the shape in which the hair sits," she says - perfect for the mid-sleep cow-lick.

The Mason Pearson 28cm Pure Bristle & Nylon Brush is currently $189.99.

Now, if you like me are about to hit checkout, please tell me... should I, shouldn't I? Do you think I'm beyond crazy and need to be given a stern talking to, or are you yourself a convert. Share the love and help a girl out.

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