NO. Apparently Maseur sandals are back in fashion and we have precisely 8 questions.

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We have very distressing fashion news.

Remember those nude coloured sandals with the funny bubbled soles your mum wore in the 90s? They’re back and apparently they’re cool.

We don’t know who decided this or why they hate us, but yes, supposedly Maseur sandals are the summer’s hottest footwear.

How good would Maseur sandals look with these festival chaps? Post continues below video.

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Maseurs, a staple of all good pharmacies back in the day, are popping up again in stores around Australia and we’re… confused.

First heeled thongs and now THIS?

maseur sandals

It's a bad summer for feet and we have many questions.

1. Is this the result of millennials feeling the pain of an unaffordable housing market and climate anxiety?

The whole point of Maseur sandals are to ease aching feet and muscles. We young folk are carrying an awful lot around with us each day - like the fact we'll never be able to afford a home and the impending doom of our planet - and we're tired. Our whole bodies ache, tbh. We need a Maseur bodysuit, but the feet are a good place to start... maybe?


2. What did our feet ever do to deserve this?

Sure, they're feet. They're almost everyone's least favourite body part. But they can't help that they look like that and it's not fair of us to punish them by forcing them into a nude, stabby sandal.

3. Is this worth saving on the cost of a massage?

They retail for $56.99 which is much cheaper than regular massages but it's a gamble with a high-risk of losing anyone who is okay being seen with you in public.

4. Are they work appropriate, yes/no?


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.... step aside Burkenstock, Maseur is the new kid in town! ????????..... got Nick the matching pair ???? #maseursandals #maseur #doit

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And we don't just mean on casual Fridays.

Actually, are these ever appropriate outside of the privacy of your own home?

5. Does this mean Birkenstocks are over?

Throw out your old, fugly yet comfortable footwear people (don't), there's a new sheriff in town (there's not).

game of thrones

6. Are muumuus next?

We hope so.

A muumuu and a pair of Maseurs means you've already got next year's Halloween costume sorted: You're going as your mum, circa summer 1994.

7. Will they come in a range of colours?

Nude is very on trend and black is... always a thing, but if we're putting our fashion cred and self respect on the line, we want OPTIONS.

We want blues and pinks, leopard print and sequins pls. At least that way, people might be distracted enough by the designs that they won't notice the Maseur logo.

8. Who asked for this?

No one. No one asked for this.

Would you wear Maseur sandals in the name of fashun? Let us know in a comment.

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