Masa Vukotic killer: "A timebomb of violence who should never have been freed."

“He’s very dangerous, but it’s too late. Tell that to the girl’s family.”

Do you feel like you have heard it all before? Time and time again.

Violent criminal. Should never have been freed.

Out on parole.

Freed after appeal. Sentence reduced to time served.

Masa Vukotic

Evil walking our streets.

In sentiments echoing that made about Adrian Bayley, the violent criminal who killed Jill Meagher we hear of another a convicted criminal who, despite concerns he was dangerous, was not in jail – instead free to kill schoolgirl Masa Vukotic

Yesterday Sean Price pleaded guilty to the murder of 17-year old Masa Vokotic near a reserve in Doncaster on March 17 last year.

Neighbours called triple-0 after they heard screaming, but Masa died in the arms of police after being stabbed 49 times in the upper body.

Police described the violent murder:

“The accused confronted the deceased on the footpath in the park. He grabbed the deceased and forced her into the bushes on the eastern side of the reserve, producing a large kitchen knife. The deceased screamed and the accused started stabbing her repeatedly.

“The accused then walked out of the bushes and saw a male walking a dog through the reserve. The male kept walking through the reserve and the accused went back into the bushes.

The accused then continued to stab the deceased … a total of 49 separate injuries were identified … the cause of death was stab injuries to the neck”.

Yesterday we heard of the bizarre rant that Price went on in court, about “conspiracies” and “sensationalism”. We heard that the Magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg had to ask if the sound to the video link could be turned off.

We heard that the murdered became agitated about “bullshit legal terminology.”

And we heard that in the court women cried at the testimony.

17-year old Masa was stabbed 49 times in the upper body

Today we hear of his history.

That Sean Price was a ‘timebomb’ of violence.

A man who had been given a lenient sentence for previous crimes.

A man who should never have been freed.


Words that sound so familiar they make you shudder.

The Herald Sun reports that “a litany of justice system errors paved the way” to the violent murder of the 17-year old.

Today’s front page of The Herald Sun.

The Age reports that Price has been ‘reading up’ on serial killer Ivan Milat in the month before the murder and that he had been borrowing books from the library on Thomas Quick, a Swedish man who confessed to more than 30 murders and was convicted of eight of them but then withdrew all of his confessions in 2008.

A memorial to the much loved student.

We have previously heard that Price had even exhibited violent behaviour, towards Prime Minister Tony Abbott when he was the health minister in 2006.

With Price attacking Mr Abbott while at the Thomas Embling secure mental health facility where Price was detained.

A prison officer described Ms Vukotic’s murder as ‘something that was always going to happen’.

“This (the murder of Masa) is something that was always going to happen. There’s been a lot of ‘I told you so’ going on,” the officer told The Herald Sun while recounting tales of Price’s violent nature.

Words that sound chillingly familiar.

Words which our justice system needs to heed so we don’t have to hear them again.

Today the cover of The Herald Sun reads “Masa should be been alive ” – this vibrant, much loved young woman should never have crossed paths with a man like Sean Price.

Price will face the Supreme Court today.

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