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1. “Porky Pig”, chocolate bars and sexual acts: The life of Martin Bryant 19 years on.

A News Corp exclusive investigation has revealed the life of one of Australia’s worst mass murderers, Martin Bryant, 19 years after the Port Arthur massacre.

A series of interviews were conducted with Bryant’s inmates, former prison staff, and medical carers, to reveal that he now is a “lonely and pathetic figure”.

martin bryant
Image via Twitter.

Bryant is now imprisoned in the maximum security wing of Risdon Prison – but he has allegedly committed horrific assaults on prison staff members, nurses, and the most vulnerable inmates. Bryant is kept separate from most of the other prisoners, with all interviewees confirming that he would be killed if the inmates could get to him.

He is commonly called “Porky Pig” by other jailers, making fun of his weight at 160kg. The Daily Telegraph reports that Bryant is “shunned” by other inmates and has been known to trade blocks of chocolate with men so that he can perform sexual acts on them. Bryant is also constantly on suicide watch since attempting to take his life a number of times.

A former prison guard who worked near Bryant, Tony Burley, claims that Bryant is a “very calculating” prisoner. Burley also confirmed the isolation of Bryant in the prison.

martin bryant 2
Image via Twitter.

“[Bryant is] right at the bottom of the food chain,” Burley said. “I can’t think of anyone who would piss on him if he was on fire.” reports that the only visitor of Bryant’s is his mother, Carleen Bryant.

Bryant is serving 35 life sentences, in addition to a 1,035 year non-parole period for murdering 35 people and injuring 23 others. The massacre at Port Arthur was the third deadliest lone gunman shooting in history. Bryant allegedly told neighbours, prior to the killings, that he would do something “that will make everyone remember me”.

2. Jacqui Lambie’s son feels “betrayed” by his mum’s public comments on his drug use.

Dylan Milverton, 21-year-old son of Federal Senator, Jacqui Lambie, has revealed his anger over his mum’s publicity over his drug habit.

In an interview with the Herald Sun, Milverton explained that his mum had exaggerated his drug use, claiming that he is definitely not an addict.

“…I just use some a bit here and there…one a fortnight, twice, if that,” Milverton said.

Jacqui Lambie talking about her son’s drug issues.

He also admitted that he feels “betrayed” that his mum would go public with his personal use. Milverton said that his mum did not ask or warn him of what she was going to say, and that he instead found out via a number of text messages.

In the interview, he expressed his disappointment for what he thinks motivated his mum to reveal parts of his private life, after she has suffered from a controversial first two years in Parliament.

“I wouldn’t mind finding out her side as to why she done that,” he said. “I do believe it was probably for her own political pull.”

jacqui lambie son
Image via Twitter.

Lambie had made several emotional pleas to her son, and to the Australian public, to act on the so-called ice epidemic. The Senator says that she is no longer in contact with her son, and that he needs help.

In a speech to Parliament, Lambie said, “I’m not talking to my son anymore, I’m talking to a drug…I’m running out of options for my son and I have to get [to] the other end and hopefully he’ll come and ask me for help.”

3. Peter Dutton has apologised for his microphone “joke”.

After initially refusing to comment on his “joke”, Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, has apologised for his climate change quips.


Dutton spoke to Sky News about the “light-hearted” jokes, says that he thought the conversation was a private one.

“Obviously it was a private conversation – I should have realised the mic was there,” Dutton said. “I didn’t, it was directly behind me. I made a mistake and I apologise to anyone who has taken offence to it. It was a light-hearted discussion with the PM and I didn’t mean any offence to anyone.”

Tony Abbott and Peter Dutton

Dutton’s conversations were caught on a boom microphone after a meeting ran late at Parliament House.

Dutton hinted that they were running on “Cape York time”, which prompted the Prime Minister to say that, “We had a bit of that up in Port Moresby,” after he returned from a meeting on climate change with Pacific Island leaders.

Dutton then responded, “Time doesn’t mean anything when you’re about to have water lapping at your door.”

Pacific Island leaders were concerned by the comments, with Tony de Brum, the Marshall Islands foreign minister, labelling the comments “insensitive”.

“Next time there is a king tide and waves are battering my home,” de Brum said, “I’ll ask Peter Dutton over and we’ll see if he’s still laughing.”

4. Four-year-old boy has died after drowning in a backyard pool.

After being pulled unconscious from a backyard pool in Bankstown, Sydney, a four-year-old boy has died in hospital.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the boy was found in the pool at 2pm yesterday afternoon, and went into cardiac arrest while being assisted by paramedics.

Soon after arriving at Westmead Children’s Hospital the boy passed away.

The details of the incident haven’t yet been made public, a representative of the Royal Life Saving Society has described the incident as “tragic” and a reminder of pool safety to parents.

5. Melbourne University bans porn in college.

Ormond College, the largest residential college at the University of Melbourne, has banned students from accessing pornography under new wi-fi regulations.


The college master, Dr Rufus Black, has said that the viewing of pornography exploits women, presenting “women primarily as sex objects who are a means to the end of male pleasure”.

Ormond College.

Dr Black, an ethicist and theologist, elaborated in a newsletter, “Pornographic material overwhelmingly presents women in ways that are profoundly incompatible with our understanding of what it is to treat people with respect and dignity.”

However, the college master is facing fierce backlash from students claiming that their sexual freedom is being limited. First year law student, Thibaut Clamart, told The Age that education was key to changing views on women, not banning pornography.

“If their argument is that it’s about respecting women and enabling young people to discover their sexuality without having the repressive influence of porn, that makes the assumption that looking at porn is going to perpetuate those attitudes and you’re going to behave like a porn actor.”

Dr Black has denied that pornography is a free expression of sexuality and indicated that if students want to use the community wi-fi, then they should only view content that is in line with “community values”.

6. Moving images of Danish officer playing with a refugee.

Heart-wrenching images have surfaced showing a Danish officer playing with a young refugee girl.

At the Danish-German border towards Sweden, the officer is seen playing peek-a-boo and other games with the girl who is thought to be from Syria. In one image the officer is holding his wedding ring in one hand, and the girl is guessing what hand he is holding the ring in.

Police Assistant commissioner, Knud Reinholdt, told media, “The picture shows that even though we have a task we must solve, we are also dealing with people who are in a difficult situation that nobody wants to be in.

“We have to deal with children who have experienced a lot of things and who have travelled far, so if we can make life a little easier for them, as in the pictures, then it’s worth it. It does not cost anything.”

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