People really don't like Martha Stewart's new living room. So she fired back.

Martha Stewart is known for her friendship with rapper Snoop Dogg, her quirky Instagram posts, and, of course, for being a domestic goddess. 

So, when she shared images of her newly decorated living room on Instagram, fans were expecting something spectacular.

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Stewart, who owns multiple properties, posted a carousel of photos showcasing her living room at her Skylands home in Maine. 

As part of the redecoration, she rearranged the furniture and updated the sofa's colour.

"We switched the living room from grey blue upholstery to a creamy pale buttery yellow," she wrote.

"The library is much more comfortable now, and the faux bois table is now the card table. I love the rustic yet elegant charm of this lovely 1925 house."


While some fans loved her redesign, others weren't as impressed and didn't hesitate to share their critiques.

"Bland. Looks like an overly furnished lounge in a dowdy old hotel. So impersonal. Sorry. I want to like it," wrote one user.

"I’m not gonna lie I love you. I’ve been watching you for 30 years. This kind of reminds me of a haunted mansion," wrote another.

Typically, celebrities ignore the negative comments they receive daily from their millions of followers. However, Stewart chose to respond, noting that the room isn't fully complete yet.

"I rarely read all the comments that come in after I post, but because I was so happy at the transformation of my Maine living room, I did go through many of the comments and was surprised at the harsh judgment so many displayed," she wrote.


"I and my Maine helpers spent three hours moving out the old furniture and putting in the new. We were pleased that the pieces actually fit the room and were proportionate to the large size of the space.

"This was not a 'decorator's' professional installation, it was an attempt to change quickly and efficiently. Making a house a home or a room a beautiful, livable space takes a lot more than three hours.

She wrapped up by mentioning that she plans to introduce more colour into the space soon with plants, upholstery, and other decorative items.

Her defence sparked strong support from her fans, many of whom were eager to stand up for her.

"WHO GAVE YOU SHADE? We ride at dawn, Martha..." one fan wrote.

The moral of the story is, don't mess with Martha. 

Feature Image: Instagram @marthastewart48.

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