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The footage that seems to confirm a massive rumour about the Married At First Sight reunion.

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When radio host Grant Denyer claimed on air that there was “glassing incident” between Married at First Sight brides at the reunion, we were a little sceptical.

Not because this show hasn’t had insanely dramatic moments totally out of line for what was, initially, a show about match-making. But because, well, glassing is quite extreme, even for MAFS.


But then Nic Jovanovic seemed to confirm that some kind of physical fight really did go down at the reunion, involving his wife Cyrell Paule – making the rumour seem more likely.

Now, we’ve seen a screenshot capturing a split-second moment from the Final Vows preview that seems to confirm it – and tell us who the other bride in the fight is.

The image, shared in the Married at First Sight Lols Facebook group, appears to show Martha Kalifatidis, with a red wine stain on the back of her white skirt, running away from a woman with her back turned that looks a lot like Cyrell. That woman may or may not have something in her left hand – where a surprised Mike and Sam are gesturing.

Mike's face says: "Woah, too far." Image: Nine/Facebook

Could this be seconds after Cyrell threw wine at Martha and then began to chase her with the empty glass?

It would make a lot of sense if this was who the incident was between, considering they've already had a fight that needed to be broken up by producers.

Earlier this month, Grant claimed that crew members were forced to intervene when a fight broke out between Cyrell and another bride.

"My sources told me [about the glassing incident] and I have very reliable sources," Grant said on 2DayFM’s Ash, Grant and Ed.

"We know it’s true because I know people who were there."

He also invited Nic onto the breakfast radio show, who confirmed something serious happened.

MAfs Cyrell Martha fight anger
Cyrell and Martha already fought this season. Image: NineNow

"[It’s] not quite an actual glassing," Nic said. "But, yeah, some intense stuff happened that’s for sure."

Co-host Ed Kavalee tried to get Nic to name names, "The conjecture is that we know a crew member had to step in, right? Because Cyrell lunged at Ines?"

And Nic, although not spelling out Cyrell's name, did imply she was involved by using part of her nickname Cyclone Cyrell.

"I’m not going to say who lunged at who, but you can imagine there was a ‘Cyclone’ involved."

On his show earlier this month, Grant told his co-hosts exactly what he'd been told.

"There is a major fight, a physical fight, a girl fight,"

"It’s a glassing. It fires up.

"So one of the contestants walks over and pours a full glass of alcohol on top of another person’s head, then the glass in hand is smashed on the table and then she goes for the face of the person who spilt the wine."

It certainly sounds like that's what the screenshot shows.

We should be able to find out for sure next week, when the finale is set to air.