Celeb in 5: Monday's best entertainment and gossip news.


1. Oh. It turns out Martha has cut off all contact with Jessika and Ines from MAFS.

Well then.

It turns out Martha Kalifatidis has cut off all contact from her fellow Married at First Sight contestants and friends Jessika Power and Ines Basic.

Speaking on Today Extra on Monday morning, the makeup artist admitted that she no longer speaks to her co-stars besides her now-partner and husband on the show, Michael Brunelli.

“I think reality has totally set in now,” she said.

“I feel like everyone has gone back to life the way it was before the show, and the reality is I don’t really speak to anyone from the show anymore,” she added.


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@mbrunelli honey what do you call this look… dying to know??? #MAFS

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“It’s not because we have bad blood, just simply because, I guess, life goes on and you move on.”

Martha and Michael are one of only two couples that have remained together following their time on Married at First Sight.

Last month, the couple explained that although Martha has moved back to Melbourne to live near Michael, she “refuses” to stay over his house.

“Why won’t you sleep over?” Michael teased Martha in an Instagram Q&A.

“Because your room is gross and mine is so clean and pristine and it smells nice,” she joked.

2. Everyone thinks Cassandra Thorburn’s new number plates are a jab at ex Karl Stefanovic.


Cassandra Thorburn has a new number plate and everyone thinks it’s a jab at Karl Stefanovic.

The journalist, who appeared on Dancing With The Stars earlier this year, has been spotted driving a Mini Cooper featuring the number plate “Fizzy”… which also apparently happens to be Jasmine Yarbrough’s nickname.

Apparently Cassandra Thorburn's number plate is a dig at Karl...

When Yarbrough married Thorburn's ex-husband Stefanovic in December, the guests used the hashtag #letsgetfizzykarl on Instagram.

The Daily Telegraph also reported that "the number plates were purchased in February" and that "Cass is well aware Fizzy is Jasmine's nickname".

But responding to a fan's comment on Instagram about the car's plates, the mother-of-three hit back at the reports.

"The facts are far from what's been said. I was never contacted by the media to ask about the four-year-old car and its number plate," she wrote.


"It seems the bullying campaign in some sections of the media, to make me out the be someone I'm not, continues three years on."

3. After cheating on Alison Brahe, Cameron Daddo knew their marriage would never be the same.

According to their new podcast on the realities of married life, actor Cameron Daddo and model Alison Brahe's 28-year marriage has suffered its fair share of 'pain and tears'.

Particularly after Cameron was unfaithful in the early 90s.


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Thankyou to my beautiful Dad for being my Father and Thankyou to my beautiful husband for being the Father of our children. #fathersday Delicious lunch ❤️Also I posted waaaaay to many photos. How does one edit the number of pics????. #luddite

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Speaking on Studio 10 recently, the 54-year-old actor admitted that after he cheated on his wife, 49, in 1994, their relationship "was never the same".

Watch a snippet from the Studio 10 interview below. Post continues after.

In fact, it took a 'hell of a lot of work' including therapy and a brief split before they could finally reach a happy place, as Alison put it.

"You don't get to 28 years of marriage without a hell of a lot of work and struggles – and a fair chunk of pain and tears," she said on the program.

The couple married in 1991 and relocated to the US shortly afterwards for Cameron's acting career, which is where their troubles began.

The parents to Lotus, 22, River, 18, and Bodhi, 13, were on Studio 10 to promote their new 10-part podcast, Separate Bathrooms and Other Handy Marriage Tips, which focuses on their relationship, and navigating infidelity.

3. Osher Gunsberg and Audrey Griffin have found out the sex of their baby in a "high tension" gender reveal. 

It's the Bachie baby we've all been waiting for, and now we know it'll be a BOY.


King of roses Osher Gunsberg and his wife Audrey Griffin held a gender reveal party over the weekend, and it sounded like a bloody hoot.

But it seems they were both already convinced it would actually be a girl.


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Today my magnificent stepdaughter Georgia arranged a truly fabulous Baby Shower / Reveal event at the Bronte SLSC down the road. ⠀ ⠀ @audreygriffen and her family have spent the last three days cooking, baking and basting and frying all the food - there was a FEAST!⠀ ⠀ G then proceeded to run a most high-tension game-show style reveal moment, of such drawn-out drama that the Network Execs in the room were probably considering a new 6pm pre-prime show. ⠀ ⠀ Turns out that twelve weeks ago, the envelope that we were given after our Harmony Test, which G has kept secret this entire time (as much as we tried to trip her up looking for pronouns and slip-ups, she was a vault!) shows that the baby growing within Audrey indeed has XY chromosomes. ⠀ ⠀ No matter who this human is, we will love it with all our hearts. ⠀ ⠀ And because G wanted to get a read of the room, we were all encouraged to wear the colour that showed which way we thought the result would go. ⠀ Seems wifey and I got it wrong. ⠀ ⠀ Another new human joins us in this human race in only a few weeks time.⠀ ⠀ Between now and then, I'm going to need to do about 4hrs a day on the bike to work off the #VGF delights that Audrey cooked for me, including about four slices of perfectly moist #VGF carrot cake. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

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Thrown by his step-daughter Georgia - who somehow managed to keep the gender a secret for 12 weeks - guests were encouraged to dress in either blue or pink to show their guess of the baby's gender.


Dressed in a pink blazer while Audrey donned a pink patterned dress, the television host shared a photo describing the "high-tension game-show style reveal" which led to them finding out they'll be welcoming a son.

It sounds almost as exciting as a game of foot tennis on The Bachelor if you ask us.

We are thrilled for the couple and can't wait to meet their little boy!


5. Andy Lee's interview with Wil Anderson was a masterclass in calling someone out.

“I want to raise something with you which is pretty confronting,” 38-year-old Andy Lee said to Wil Anderson, minutes into their one hour and 20 minute conversation on Anderson’s Wilosophy podcast. 

“Hamish [Blake] and I didn’t like you for a very, very, long time. And I think he got over it earlier than I did.”

wil anderson andy lee
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Lee, who co-hosts the top-rating podcast Hamish & Andy, recalled the pair getting their start on a TV sketch show called Big Bite, which also starred Chris Lilley and Kate McCartney.

At just 21 years old, it was decided by executives that the program would be renamed ‘Hamish & Andy’, which didn’t sit comfortably with either of them.

Lee described it as an “awful experience,” and feeling as though the rest of the cast was looking at them like they’d stolen the show.

“You guys were young, and you were put into a show where I knew a whole bunch of people who were involved in the show, and some of them were not happy that these two young people had been thrown into this show, so I was getting a lot of stories,” said Anderson, 45, implying they weren’t popular on set.

You can read the full story from earlier right over here.