‘I just shaved above the knee …’ and other sexts that sum up married life.

Married couples. Sexting. It’s always going to end in … well, smart-arsed remarks.

We’ve unearthed some of the best. You’ll wish you’d come up with them first.

1. The sexy picture:

A clean sink with no dirty dishes sitting in it? A serious a turn on.

2. The strip tease:

Because Pookie really knows how to please.

3. The bathroom bandit:

Because, you know, winter is over You can shed the fur.

4. The honest spouse:


5. The tease:

Down, boy..

6. The one we all wish we’d sent.


7. The swift killjoy:

Because nothing gets you in the mood like nits.

What sext messages would you send your husband? Let us know in the comments.