Why Bella wouldn't stop asking those awkward sex questions at the MAFS dinner party.

It was one of the most awkward dinner parties of all time, and not least because of Bella’s non-stop questions about the sex lives of the other Married at First Sight couples.

But according to the Gold Coast radio presenter, the rapid fire questions came at the request of Channel 9 producers.

“The producers kept pulling me away and saying ‘Bella keep doing what you’re doing, there’s nothing going on in the dinner party and you are making this interesting.'”

married at first sight bella and michael

Married at First Sight: Bella and Michael. Source: Channel 9.

Speaking to SeaFM's Galey & Charli on Friday, Bella said she was genuinely interested in what the other couples had to say and wanted to know "how and what the process was like" for the other couples.

But as viewers of the episode will know, the other couples were not answering, with Keller eventually yelling at Bella about her inquisitiveness.

"I'm not blaming anyone here because I totally take ownership for what I said," Bella said, admitting that watching the episode back on Wednesday was difficult for her before adding, "That's TV."

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"I mean, look, probably even watching it back I was like 'yeah that wasn’t a true portrayal of who I am' and I did push it and I was just like cringing at myself even," she continued.

Bella also said that since the episode went to air she's received a barrage of hateful comments on social media over her questions at the dinner party, with a friend eventually confiscating her phone.

married at first sight bella and michael

Bella at the dinner party. Source: Channel 9

"I fully take ownership for what I said and I apologise for the people that I offended. But you did not do this experiment, you do not know the pressure that we were under and you do not have any right to get on my social media and tell me your opinion of me," she told radio listeners.

"I thought to myself last night, 'I understand why people have taken their lives from this', because until you feel the brunt of somebody getting on your social media page and telling you you should be put in the bin or something like that you don’t understand what it feels like."

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