Celeb in 5: Wednesday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. Excuse us, but we have an update on the state of Married at First Sight’s Telv and Sarah’s relationship.

MAFS’ couple front runner Telverne Williams and Sarah Roza have won the country over and we’re here to report that we think they might still just be going strong.

It was reported by Daily Mail that the happy couple were together this very morning as Telv was spotted leaving Sarah’s Melbourne home.

Sarah and Telv. Married at First Sight.
We're calling it, it's genuine TV love. Image via Married at First Sight.

While we're no matchmaking 'expert,' we do watch a lot of reality TV and from our ends Telv and Sarah were pretty damn smitten from the moment they met. She - a beautician that's faced heart ache and is the most "resilient person you will ever meet," and he, the WA mechanic who is ready to commit.


It's really the romantic salve the nation needed after a Sophie and Stu shaped hole left us reeling.

2. The cost of MasterChef judge George Calombaris' soccer punch was $750,000.

Excuse the pun, but George Calombaris is sitting in some hot, hot water after loosing $750,000 in endorsements after his punch-on at a soccer game in May of last year.

While he pleaded guilty to assaulting a then-19-year old during the A-League grand final between Sydney FC and Melbourne Victory, Judge Andrew Scotting has now overturned his assault conviction.

George Calombaris
George Calombaris and his legal team leaving the Downing Centre Local Court in September, 2017. Image via Getty.

Reportedly the altercation occurred when the teenager started verbally abusing Calombaris' mother after Sydney FC won the match. At the trial the judge declared that Calombaris had a "genuine belief his mother had been seriously denigrated" by the teenager.

However immediately after the incident, Calombaris lost endorsements from Bulla Dairy and ULR Land Rover and was fined $1000 after pleading guilty at Sydney's Downing Centre Local Court.

Now think about how many fancy dinners that would buy?

3. Susan Carland's question about activewear is one we all seriously need to answer, please.

The trend of women wearing activewear everywhere that is not the gym is as popular as ever. (So much so, should we even be calling it a trend anymore?)

But anyone who actually doesn't love their leggings will relate to Susan Carland's predicament.

(Image via Instagram/SusanCarland.)

"Ladies I need your advice," she put a call out in Instagram Stories today.

"Women always talk about wearing activewear even when they're not working out because it's so comfortable.

"I find my leggings so uncomfortable! I've tried many brands. All of them I can't wait to rip off as soon as I'm done. They're the right size but... ugh.

"How are all these women wearing activewear just for fun?! Is there a magical comfortable activewear legging brand I don't know about?"

Actually, now she's mentioned it, we'd really like to know the answer too. Because from where we're sitting (in officewear) tracksuit pants - or no pants at all - are infinitely more comfortable than leggings.

Listen: We wear exercise clothes all weekend and sometimes even to work. Have we reached peak activewear? The Mamamia Out Loud team discuss. Post continues after audio.

4. Schapelle Corby has gotten her learner's permit. That is all.


Schapelle Corby is one step closer to having some kind of normal life, obtaining a Learner's driving permit.

Posting on Instagram, 40-year-old Corby wrote:

"Driving around with the old 'L' plates on now.

"And my Mums in the passenger seat."

In May last year after almost 13 years behind bars, the convicted drug smuggler was released from prison and allowed back home to the Gold Coast.

The permit in question is one for ‘returning drivers’ who have previously held a licence, The Courier Mail reports, meaning Corby does not need accrue 100 logbook hours like other Queensland learner drivers.

Not bad Corby. Not bad at all.

5. I'm A Celeb producer says Tomic was ready to leave the jungle before filming even began.

Bernard Tomic quits I'm A Celebrity AU
(Image via Channel 10.)

Much has been said about Bernard Tomic's departure from I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, but perhaps the most troubling is that the tennis pro apparently wanted to leave the jungle as soon as he entered it.

The Channel Ten reality show’s executive producer Alex Mavroidakis told Nova's Fitzy and Wippa that the 25-year-old almost didn’t even board the plane to South Africa today.

You can read our full story, where Mavroidakis shares more thoughts on Tomic's headspace, here.

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