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Married at First Sight's Susan Rawlings has announced the arrival of her first baby.

Married at First Sight alumni Susan Rawlings has just welcomed her first child – a beautiful baby boy named Ashton.

Sharing her story with Woman’s Day, Rawlings, 39, told the publication that she was in labour for three whole days before giving birth to Ashton via caesarean on March 24th.

However, having spent the past two months with her new son, she’s thrilled to be a new mum and will be raising Ashton without his father.

“I never imagined I’d be anyone’s mummy,” Rawlings told the publication.

“I can’t imagine going back to my old life now, because I need to be here full-time to watch every new smile and milestone.”

“I find myself sitting and waiting for one of his almost-smiles all the time!”

The 39-year-old chose not identify Ashton’s biological father, but said that she met the older man online and they dated for a few months. Susan didn’t discover that she was pregnant until weeks after they ended their relationship. Despite this, they remain friends.

“Ashton was unplanned, but I’m very much looking forward to sharing this parenting journey as I’m friends with his father,” she said.


“I’d still love to be in love with the right person one day and then who knows, I might have another baby!”

The Married at First Sight star first entered the public eye in 2017 on the third season of the dating show. Rawlings and her on-screen ‘husband’ Sean Hollands, 35, were fan favourites, however they ended their relationship due to their opposite work schedules.

“With our work rosters… it’s only like every six weeks we get to catch up,” Sean told A Current Affair at the time.

“Sometime she’s on night shift and I’m on day shift, so it’s very hard but we send each other a text and chat when we can.”

However, Hollands has announced that he’s since found love; in February of this year he announced this relationship with Gold Coast single mum, Roslyn Buerckner, on A Current Affair, hinting at proposal plans.

We have talked about that, that I could marry her tomorrow, and I have told Roslyn.”

“Everyone’s got a dream, that they want in life, that ideal person the whole time. And Roslyn was right there,” he said.