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Married At First Sight's Nasser told TV wife Gabrielle to "smile" on Instagram. Seriously.

Even after going their separate ways during Sunday night’s Married At First Sight commitment ceremony, Nasser continues to be a source of misery in Gabrielle’s life.

The 50-year-old posted a photo of himself and Gabby sitting on the now iconic grey couch on Instagram on Tuesday, and instructed his 44-year-old former partner to “smile”.

“Smile Gabby it’s ok sometimes friendship is worth more,” he captioned it.

Firstly, Nasser doesn’t look too happy in this photo either, so we have no idea why he’s telling Gabby to smack a “smile” on her face.

And secondly, aren’t we beyond telling women to “smile”? Seriously, guys.

The patronising caption left some fans of the show understandably annoyed, with many letting Nasser have it in the comments section.


“Why the heck would anyone be [sic] look happy dealing with his bs,” wrote one fan.

“She deserves so much better…” wrote another.

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Let’s also keep in mind that just this week, Gabby told TV Week she hasn’t even heard from Nasser since they decided to call it quits on the show, so we have no idea what this “friendship” is he’s talking about.

“Nasser talked a lot when people were around about this friendship he wanted to have with me after the experiment,” she said.

“I questioned that. Sure enough, as soon as we left the experiment, I didn’t hear from Nasser.”


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