Married At First Sight's Nasser once went on Pawn Stars and said he has a wife and kids. Ex-squeeze me?

Hold up. Nasser Sultan has been hiding something big from us.

Yes Nasser from Married at First Sight – husband to Gab and supposedly never-married and without children.

Now, damning evidence has been dredged up by the Australia Secret Intelligence Service (presumably) because it turns out Nasser was once on another reality TV show where he claimed that he had a wife and kids.

Appearing on season one episode six of Pawn Stars Australia in 2015 (you can watch the entire episode here), the 50 year old fitness instructor goes into the Sydney-based pawn store Happy Hockers to try and sell his family’s toy car collection.

You can watch the clip right here:

Speaking to the camera he says, “It’s sad to see them go, but the money we make will go to the kids’ education.”

Sweet and wholesome? Yes, but we’re going to need a minute here because according to his official bio it CLEARLY states “having never married or had children, Nasser admits he is set in his ways.”

Righto then…

There’s another particularly fall-off-your-chair moment when he’s trying to get a better deal on his cars and says, “My wife’s going to kill me,” to shop owner Aaron Senes.

Perhaps this would explain Gab’s accusations that Nasser is only in it for the cameras, speaking about his erm… sudden switch from lovable husband to “a man possessed”.

“I think at that point, Nasser flip flopped for what he thought the audience might like to hear. He felt that it was in his best interest to go with the flow right now and appear positive,” said Gab at the most recent Commitment Ceremony.

Really there’s only one logical explanation to all of this…

Nasser is a PAID ACTOR. Maybe.

*drops mike*

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