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Married At First Sight's Nasser announced his new career... Wait, what?

Nasser Sultan gave us a lot of feels during Married At First Sight, and we’re still not sure if we love the guy or kind of hate him.

But one thing we do know is that he’s never boring.

The 50-year-old went on Instagram on Wednesday to announce the launch of his “new career” as a “beauty blogger“, and while he could have been serious – you just don’t know with this guy – we quickly realised it was all a big joke. Most probably. We’re almost certain he’s joking.

“This is Nasser’s Beauty Blogging, my new career,” he announced in a video.

“It’s not about the hips, the lips or the tits, it’s about beautiful, soft skin and a nice smell.”

Nasser then gave a video tutorial on how to apply moisturiser, because it’s not like we’ve been doing it for half of our lives or anything like that.


He then advised his fans to “dab, dab and three dabs up the top, rub it in”. Also, Nass would like to remind you “not in the eyes”, just in case that’s where you’ve been going wrong.

He then moved onto perfume, and we’re guessing this is where the “nice smell” bit comes in.

“Spray into under the chin and then walk into it,” he instructed.

Judging by the self-satisfied smile at the end of his video, we can tell Nass is pretty damn proud of himself. (… Even though he broke Gabby’s heart on Married At First Sight. Yeah, we’re still not over it.)

“A 50 second tutorial to looking as good as Nass!” he captioned the video.

He also tagged Kim Kardashian, and we’re still not sure why she’d care – we’re almost certain she has people who moisturise for her.

It’s no secret Nasser is a huge fan of man beauty things. He went on and on about his love of coconut oil. Seriously, if Gabby was a bottle of coconut oil, things might have worked out differently.

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