Married At First Sight's Anthony says something so shameful to Nadia, you'll shake with rage.

Married At First Sight‘s Anthony started out as a seemingly nice guy, willing to laugh off Nadia’s avoidance of his attempt at a kiss on their wedding day.

Things began to splinter, however, when he bullied Cheryl for wanting to attempt a relationship with “runaway bride” partner Andrew.

After his emergence as the show’s “villain”, it’s only gotten worse.

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In a preview for Sunday night’s episode, the 33-year-old racing commentator confronts his “wife” for her unwillingness to have sex with him.

“For lack of a better word, you’ve been frigid,” he tells Nadia during the commitment ceremony.

You’re probably thinking, “Oh no, he didn’t.” But yes. Yes, he did.

Anthony calling Nadia “frigid” is jerk code for “she doesn’t want to have sex with me and therefore something is wrong with her”.

It’s a term usually reserved for the high school jock in a B-grade movie when the heroine won’t go to ‘second base’.

The red flags have been waving for a while, with several more rearing during a conversation with Nadia and her friends on her apartment’s rooftop.

anthony mafs
Anthony is more than just a TV show villain. (Image via Channel 9.)

In Tuesday night's episode, Anthony spoke openly about the couple's "problems with intimacy" with both producers and Nadia's friends.


He also blamed Nadia for her failed past relationships, but then seemed annoyed that it was even brought up.

"You went for the wrong blokes, that's your error," he said as her friends looked on slightly stunned.

"[But] we don't need to talk about that because you're married to me, I don't need to know your history."

Anthony and Nadia. (Image via Channel Nine.)

Anthony then continues to whinge to show producers.

"I don't really need to hear that stuff," he told the camera.

"In terms of romance and intimacy with Nadia, she's not comfortable with certain things. But from the sounds of it, she's had guys in the past and she had no issues with them."

Nadia has so far been putting up with his antics with admirable patience and strength.

Perhaps - as Clare Stephens of Mamamia's The Recap theorised - Nadia has emotionally checked out of the relationship, staying on only to hear the goss. No matter the case, we hope that she, or someone else on the show, steps in and calls out Anthony for his behaviour.

Because this has got to stop.

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