Married at First Sight villain Jono allegedly a "total dog" who dumped his girlfriend for the show.

Warning: Post may contain spoilers. 

A person who knows Married at First Sight‘s Jono claims he had no intention of taking a wife and only did the show for the brief and glorious fame it would bring him.

Oh, and he allegedly had a girlfriend before the show who he is currently seeing again.

Let me expand: A wife-wanter named Jono Pitman, 28, made his debut on Married at First Sight last night, being fake wedded to an excellent woman named Clare, 31 (#TeamClare).

He immediately endeared* himself to me by muttering, “Oh shit,” as Clare walked down the aisle towards him, and later telling the camera, “She’s not what I ordered,” explaining that he prefers petite brunettes to tall blondes.

So it didn’t come as too much of a surprise to learn that perhaps Jono isn’t completely sincere in his desire to settle down with the right woman.

A source tells Mamamia Jono had a girlfriend, Rachael Baxter. Their relationship ended in the lead-up to filming the show. Now that filming is over, Jono and Rachael appear to be very much back together.

The source told Mamamia that during an overnight break from filming, Jono wasted no time in get back in touch with Rachael.

Jono Pitman with alleged girlfriend Rachael Baxter. Image supplied.

"He was still texting her [Baxter] while he was 'married'," the source said.

Racahel Baxter posted a picture of herself online. Jono Pitman commented on it (below). Image supplied.
"That's not the only thing going in you (sic) box." What a romantic. Image supplied.

Using less than delicate language, the source explained that Jono was also eager to impart intimate details to his mates online about Clare, his bride during the show.

This is Jono's reaction when he saw Clare. Post continues after video...

After filming ended, he took back up with Baxter, who the source says is "very much in love with him".

The self-confessed party-boy is still happiest spending his weekends with the boys, says the source.

Jono and Clare on their "wedding" day.

The source calls Jono a "total dog" who did the show only for fame.

All of these extremely dramatic revelations make me very eager to see what happens between Jono and Clare. And if true, then I very much hope she rips him a new one. And Rachael does, too!

*opposite day.

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