Meet tradie Jono: He's Married At First Sight's newest villain.

“She’s not what I ordered” isn’t your average response from a groom seeing his bride on their wedding day.

But then again, Married at First Sight isn’t your average wedding or wedding show.

Episode two of the new series left viewers nonplussed when one of the grooms showed some serious reluctance about his stunning match.

Prior to the wedding, 28-year-old tradie Jono, a self-confessed “man’s man”, said that he was looking for a petite brunette.

Jono at his wedding. Source: Channel 9.

So when stunning blonde and busty 32-year-old recruitment consultant Clare showed up, things went south for Jono and pretty quickly.

"Ahhh shit," he said when the doors opened.

"Oh God," he continued, closing his eyes and breaking out in laughter, forgetting someone was standing in front of him.

Jono gets a touch of cold feet on his wedding day. Post continues after video... 

Video via Channel 9

"She's basically the opposite of what I expected to walk down the aisle," Jono admitted later. "She's not what I.... not what I ordered."

But trusting the match makers had done their research in selecting his bride, Jono gallantly trooped through the ceremony, saying 'I do' despite his initial reservations.

Spoiler: Clare spent her final night as a single woman singing cover songs into a camcorder, with only a tennis racquet for a microphone.

Clare making her way into the wedding with her father. Source: Channel 9.

At the start of the show, the three match makers explained they had selected Jono because he was deemed "ready" for marriage, noting he "has a definite idea of the type of woman he wants, but his relationships don't tend to go the distance".

See how Clare spent her pre-wedding night. Post continues after video... 

Video via Channel 9

"With Clare and Jonno we have two big personalities; both vibrant and funny, and I think there's good potential there with them," the experts continued.

Fortunately Jono warmed up to his  wife within minutes of chatting to her post-ceremony.

"She is really funny, she's a really funny girl," he admitted. "My face is sore from laughing and smiling so much."

Jono at his wedding. Source: Channel 9.

Before the ceremony, viewers were treated to meeting Jono's friends - who, let's be real here - are the the real arbiters of who stays and goes in your life.

"He does love himself, there's lots of mirrors in his house," one friend said laughing.

Sitting down at the ceremony to debrief on the day that had been, Jono admitted to his mates, "It wasn't what I expected. And I mean that like, not in a bad way, but in like... I was expecting brunette," he said awkwardly.


Jono and Clare cutting the cake at their reception. Source: Channel 9.

Thankfully, reason prevailed, with one of his friends saying, "I reckon she's really well suited to you. She's really down to earth and you just seem to bounce off each other a bit. You seem to have a good time, so I reckon you could be on a winner."

Cue friend two, entering stage left with a solid, "I reckon she's a cracker mate."

And if that wasn't enough friend three comes in with a reassuring,  "She's a stunner mate."

The matchmakers proving they know everything and Jono knows nothing. Source: Channel 9.


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