In case you were wondering, Tracey and Dean would like to have a baby.


Married at First Sight’s Tracey and Dean have plans and they would like to tell Australia about them.

After being embroiled in a textin’ scandal, with Dean meeting up with another man’s fake wife, Davina, their love story is one we are struggling to truly… invest ourselves in.

Tracey controversially decided to take Dean back after a) he broke up with her after one week because he wasn’t feeling it, even though they had sex that morning and b) announced that at one point he had planned on running off with Davina, which made everyone – but mostly us – very angry.

But according to a recent interview with OK! magazine, 34-year-old Tracey and 39-year-old Dean, would like to take their relationship to the “next level”.

Clare and I recap the latest episode of Married at First Sight. Post continues below. 

You see, Dean met Tracey’s eight-year-old daughter Grace, and according to the magazine, they bonded over skateboarding.

“He was great with her,” Tracey said. “When he met Grace, she was wearing a skateboarding T-shirt and they bonded over that. They had a great connection because they’re both big kids!”

Speaking of big kids, it turns out that Dean is actually an underground rapper named ‘Visionz’, and holy sh*t could this story line get any weirder?

Well, yes it could, because now he has convinced Tracey to get into rapping, and her name is obviously ‘Cyclone Tracey’.


We only bring this up, because together they are the ‘Perfect Storm’ and if they have a baby, then yeah, it’s going to be a rapper.

That is fine, of course, except for the fact that neither of them are very good, and that gives us concerns.

Rapping aside, Tracey says that Dean is, “definitely dad material, with a lot of strengths that make for a good parent.”

Well there you go. There could be a second Married at First Sight baby on its way and, yeah, it’s going to be Eminem.