Married At First Sight's Simone tells of how she discovered her ex was cheating.

It’s a big deal to appear on national television and say you want to marry a complete stranger. Perhaps even bigger is the ability and willingness to open up to camera, and be brutally honest about the things that have made you and broken you in the past.

On Tuesday night’s episode on Married at First Sight, that’s exactly what Simone did. Now the Sydney make-up artist has also spoken quite frankly about the pain of being cheated on in her previous relationship in an interview with OK! magazine. 

Simone admitted she learned of her ex-boyfriends's betrayal by reading his text messages.

"I had this feeling, so I went through his phone, which I'd never done before," she said of her ex-boyfriend, who she had a three and a half year relationship with.

"I found all these texts between him and other women - texts that spoke about him wanting to meet them while I was at work."

On Tuesday night's show, Simone admitted that the entire experience had her completely blind-sided and devastated.

“By the age of 29, I honestly thought I’d be with the person I was going to spend the rest of my life with," she told the program.

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Video via Channel 9

According to the Daily Mail, the texts also showed  her former partner had written 'horrible' things about her.

Interestingly, the show matched her up with another man who had similarly revealing his pain at being cheated on. Simone's new 'husband' Xavier acknowledging on Tuesday night's episode that being cheated on was one of the hardest things he has ever been through.

Despite the pain, it appears the two may find themselves quite the happy ending, with Xavier acknowledging on the program that Simone is the most beautiful girl [he's] ever met in [his] life".

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