The preview for Married at First Sight season two is finally here.

Video via Channel 9

You guys, it’s back.

The show that brought us Roni and Michael (AKA the most tense couple ever shown on national television), Farmer Lachie, plenty of awkward moments, and an overwhelming 25% success rate, is here for a second season.

And the preview has us all excited for round two of the bizarre social experiment.

The producers want to remind us that this show is very, very controversial, describing it as the ‘most controversial show on television’ approximately three times in the latest teaser.

We’re also reminded that for many of the couples, Married at First Sight is their last chance to find love. Actually, that part mostly just applies to the women.

I would probably be nervous too if I was about to marry a complete stranger. Image courtesy of Channel 9.

"I just want it so badly. What else can I do?," says an emotional voice over. "My late 30's crept up on me," says another.

One woman, who looks particularly young, says, "After trying so hard, I feel like there's something wrong with me."

Of course, for the men, the experience is more of a crazy adventure.

One of the only male voices in the sneak preview says, "I might not like what I see. That's the biggest fear."

Mmm yes. Wouldn't that be traumatic for you.

Like last season, there's a large emphasis on the scientific nature of the show. The couples are matched by science. I repeat - they are matched NOT for entertainment purposes, but by SCIENCE. And the word SCIENCE is accompanied by a picture of a brain - so it must be legitimate.

Of course, we get a little teaser of the drama to come. If you believe in 'love at first sight', then it looks like one bride in particular is going to have a very bumpy ride. At her wedding, she admits, "I don't like him at all."

Oh no. Image courtesy of Channel 9.

Her friend, who I'm sure was extremely supportive of this evidence-based, highly scientific experiment, looks on sympathetically.

But we all know what she's really thinking.

Image courtesy of Channel 9.

The preview promises that season two will be "the most dramatic season yet." There are many hints at disaster, and of course, that one couple who look completely in love (EUGH).

All I know is that the countdown is ON. The air date hasn't yet been announced, but a second series of Married at First Sight was confirmed almost as soon as the show originally aired in 2015. And look, I don't want to get you overexcited, but we're already being promised a third season.

Here's to endless awkward moments, real-but-actually-not-real marriages, and recurring reality television personalities.

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