Married at First Sight's Scarlett explains why her accent is so very confusing.

Married at First Sight‘s Scarlett certainly gave viewers a lot to talk about after her faux-wedding on the reality TV show – not least of which was her baffling accent.

Throughout Tuesday night’s episode, the 31-year-old aspiring author seemed to go from Aussie girl to Californian teen, to Canadian mountie and everything in between.

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The occasional accent left audiences with a lot of questions.

Now, everybody can just chill out: the woman herself has set the record straight.

In an interview with Nine’s The Fix, Scarlett revealed she picked up the accent because she spent most of her childhood and teen years in the US and Canada.

“I was born in Sydney, but I left when I was five, so my family and I were travelling around mostly Canada and America,” she told the entertainment site.

Scarlett and Michael seemed to hit it off. (Image via Channel Nine.)

"I went to school in America, and I think that accent kind of stuck. But I've been in Australia nearly 10 years now and went to university here.

Scarlett said her American-sounding accent had led to people's incorrect snap judgements.

"People tend to have the wrong idea of me because they don't understand my background."

The Sydney woman went on to clear up a few other misconceptions people may have been led to believe.

Scarlett hoped for a wedding fit for a princess. (Image via Channel Nine.)

She HAS left her family home.

Scarlett told The Fix's Ashley Spencer that she has lived out of home for about eight years.

"I came back home when I broke up with my ex, and I've been home for six months," she said.

She said her plan was to go backpacking through Europe, but she changed it all for love.

She loves pink, but not as much as you think.

Scarlett revealed the reason her room looks like it was decorated by Legally Blonde's Elle Woods is that she hasn't change it since when she lived at home at 18. We can relate to going a little bit overboard with our favourite colour as a teen when it comes to decorating.

Scarlett's room is a sea of pink. (Image via Channel Nine.)

There are no hard feelings between her mum and Michael.

Scarlett told The Fix that she understood her "old-fashioned" mum's annoyance at feeling as if she'd been ignored by Michael.

"I think when you're meeting someone, especially someone's parents, you should make the time to get to know them," she agreed.

Scarlett said that by the end of the night, her new husband had her mum's approval.

"I think at the end of the wedding day, she approved. So it was just a miscommunication that got sorted out eventually."

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