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Married at First Sight's Sam has tried to justify his comments about his new wife's weight.

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On last night’s Married at First Sight, builder Sam Ball said something he shouldn’t have.

First, the 26-year-old said he scares women off because he’s too good looking and he’d like to not be judged by his appearance.

Then, when he saw his bride Elizabeth Sobinoff, he told the camera she’s “not what I expected” before remarking “I’ve never dated girls as big as her in the past.”

“She’s got a beautiful face,” he continued. “Maybe I’ll get her running in the mornings!”

…Oh, no.


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While self-awareness may not be Sam’s strong point, he did at least anticipate the negative reaction his comments would get from viewers.

“I will probably be hated,” he told the Daily Telegraph. “I am prepared for it. I’ve got a pretty thick skin, I think, so I am ready for it.”


He argued his words didn’t quite come out… correctly. He just wanted to get Elizabeth involved in his active lifestyle, you see.

“I know what I meant to say. People will believe what they hear and what they see on the television and that is okay. I can take the criticism. I will take the bullet.”

How… heroic.

This is all very lucky, because he’s right. The people were mad, and there is no better place to share that anger than Twitter (seriously – his Instagram comments have been limited).




Sam went on to clarify to the Telegraph that Elizabeth is tall, loud and confident, but she “eats chocolate and Gatorade” for breakfast where he prefers a “wholesome meal”.

He described health and fitness as a huge part of his life, but said on MAFS he was looking for a connection that goes beyond looks.

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