Married at First Sight fans have a compelling theory about the runaway bride.

When Married at First Sight‘s Andrew awoke to an empty bed the morning after his wedding, no one saw it coming. (Well, there were promos, but you know…)

The 38-year-old firefighter’s first date-come-wedding to single mum Lauren had gone well. They kissed, they danced, he sang to her, he was chill with her being a parent, they went to a bar to celebrate…

Then, poof. No note, no call. The woman who “science” and a group of relationship experts had deemed perfect for him was gone.

Or was she?

Fans of the controversial matchmaking show have another theory.

In comments on the Married at First Sight Facebook page, viewers are suggesting that rather than getting cold feet, the newlywed went to fetch her son.

married at first sight runaway bride theorymarried at first sight runaway bride theory

That is a true fact, Kelly. She did leave her belongings behind. Which is rather bizarre.

See? Proof. Image: Channel 9.

Still, why she would do that in the middle of the night, without telling Andrew, knowing he'd wake up alone and then not answer his worried phone calls...

At this point, we can only hope that (a) her phone had run out of battery and (b) this viewer is correct:

married at first sight runaway bride theory

There better be pancakes, Lauren. Lots of pancakes.

So, is she really gone? Hang in there, people. We'll find out what really happened in tonight's episode. It certainly makes for exciting viewing.

Married at First Sight airs tonight on Channel 9 at 7:30 AEDT. Stay tuned to Mamamia for The Twins' recap.