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Oh. Married at First Sight fans have made an awkward discovery about Ning.

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It seems we have yet another Married At First Sight spoiler on our hands.

You see, one of this season’s contestants has been caught out on Bumble.

Posting to Twitter, one MAFS fan shared screenshots of bride Ning’s profile on the dating app, which were reportedly discovered last week.

“Spoiler alert: Ning was on Bumble last week,” the Twitter user wrote.

“I feel sorry for Mark – he seems like a nice guy.”


Of course, there’s always a chance that the profile is a fake or even an impersonator.

But with the way Ning and Mark’s wedding went on Wednesday night’s episode, we wouldn’t be too surprised if Ning was already dating again.

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After meeting her husband-to-be Mark at the altar, the 33-year-old single mum proceeded to yell out: “I’m just here for the food and drinks”.

And it didn’t stop there.

Later on at the reception, the mother-of-three lamented the fact that she wouldn’t be able to simply “block” her husband of social media if she didn’t like him.

“I was just saying I can’t block you like on social media. That’s what I do – I block people in my life. If I’m not keen, I block.”

Speaking to Talking Married after the episode aired, Ning gave a bizarre excuse for her behaviour on their wedding day.

Watch Ning and Mark’s very awkward conversation at the altar. Post continues below.

“It was just a big experience away from my children. Marrying this complete stranger. It was 12 degrees at the time,” the hairdresser said.

She also admitting to “cringing” after watching the awkward wedding.

“I don’t actually think before I speak, whereas Mark does. It’s word vomit, a bit of verbal diarrhoea.”

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