Fans think Married at First Sight's Nick just had a go at Sean.

Over the last few nights, Married at First Sight‘s Sean has become the truth teller our nation needed.

The 34-year-old mining technician from Queensland caught our attention early on as the perfect match for Susan, but as other couples started to fall apart, descending into a state of utter bitterness, it was Sean’s integrity and moral compass that stood out.

On Sunday night, the men attended a ‘boys night,’ and a number of degrading comments were made about 25-year-old Cheryl. Andrew in particular was disrespectful about his fake partner, making cruel jokes about her, while several others joined in.

simon sean mafs
Simon and Sean were the only men who didn't participate. Image via Channel 9.

The following day, Sean told Cheryl what had happened, even though it broke the 'bro code.' Andrew completely denied having said anything, and when the topic was brought up again at the group dinner party on Tuesday night, he maintained "it wasn't about the girls," and "boys will be boys."

Sean was the only person who told the truth - confronting Andrew about being uncomfortable with what was said about Cheryl. He was honest and brave, and while he may have sacrificed his friendship with several of the men on the show when he expressed his disgust with their behaviour, he did the right thing. And viewers applauded him.

Obviously, Married at First Sight then posted this image to their Facebook page, with the caption "Sean to the rescue!"

The post garnered over 25,000 likes and almost 4,000 comments, most of which heralded Sean as a "top guy" and a "true gentleman."

But it seems one of the other personalities from the show isn't a fan of Sean's 'superhero' image. Nick Furphy, who notably participated in the degrading conversations about Cheryl on Sunday night, recently shared a photo to Instagram which many interpreted as a direct jab at Sean.

#justwalkingmydog #superdog

A post shared by Nick Furphy (@nick_furphy86) on


The photo shows the 30-year-old sitting with a dog dressed in a Superman costume. The caption simply reads, "#justwalkingmydog #superdog," but fans are convinced Nick is sending a much stronger message.

Clare Verrall, a contestant from season two of the show, wrote, "Wait. Is this a low blow, attempted jab at Sean for being painted as superman for refusing to allow the misogynistic BS that was shown from the 'boys night' be bushed under the carpet as 'boys will be boys'?"

"If so, grow up & take a leaf out of Sean's book."

Other fans of the show appeared to agree with her. "Finally someone else sees it for what it is meant to be," read one comment, which tagged Clare. "Bloody immature."

Another wrote, "spot on."

Listen to Laura Brodnik and Tiffany Dunk discuss why we need to call out the men on Married at First Sight. Post continues after audio. 

The comments, however, weren't only directed at the Superman costume, with some fans attacking Nick generally for his behaviour on the show and his behaviour online.

"Mate, keep deleting pics," read one comment.

"The heat on you, Andrew and Anthony ain't going to stop on International Womens day! Grow up and act like real men. Show some respect. Real men don't hide behind the "boys will be boys" excuse."

Earlier this week, 38-year-old Andrew Jones deleted his Instagram, after posting a cryptic message telling fans "all will be revealed in time."

It seems there's a lot of tension between those who appeared on the show, and hopefully we see it all unfold before the season ends.

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