The Married at First Sight editing fail that has everyone in stitches.

My favourite genre of story as of late can be summed up as follows: Married at First Sight editing fail.

I care so much.

When you’re dedicating six hours a week (maybe more – I’m not keen on calculating it tbh) to one television show, you get really excited when there’s a mistake.

And goodness, have there been mistakes. Like the time Davina apparently finished her dessert before it was even served. Or Patrick miraculously changed shirts in the middle of making breakfast.

Luckily, Married at First Sight fans are particularly observant, and therefore, we have yet another example. And this time it involves everyone’s favourite husband-turned-demon, Nasser.

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In case you missed it, Nasser went to stay with his fake wife Gab in an apartment she was renting, but after one night, he claimed it was haunted and left.

This is problematic for two reasons. First, you’re a 50-year-old man why do you believe in ghosts, and second, if you’re convinced the place is haunted, WHY LEAVE YOUR FAKE WIFE THERE ALONE.

Ever since, Nasser appears to have adopted a completely different personality, hence the assumption that he is now possessed by a demon.

That’s why the editing fail involving him is so goddamn funny. Because is it really an editing fail, or evidence of spirits messin’ with things?

On Tuesday night’s episode, Nasser woke up in Gab’s rented apartment, and complained that the bed was broken and he needed help getting up. But when he later returned to examine the broken bed, IT WAS A DIFFERENT BED ALTOGETHER.



Is this exorcist-type magic? Or just a totally inconsistent story line?

Perhaps we'll never know - but one thing's for sure: somewhere between going to bed in that apartment, and waking up the next morning, a demon possessed Nasser's body and now he's being mean to Gab. And I'm not here for it.