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“He won’t, he refuses, to talk to me at all": Why Married At First Sight's Michelle and James don't speak.

They pledged to stay friends after they split.

But reality TV soon just became reality for Married at First Sight’s Michelle Worsley and James Webster, with Michelle revealing that the pair haven’t spoken in nine months.

The Sydney-based communications manager said James cut all ties with her after she broke it off with him.

“He won’t, he refuses, to talk to me at all,” the 34-year-old told The Daily Mail.

“We’re not friends, and it would be desperately unfair on [Michelle’s new husband] Rob.”

Michelle and James on their wedding day.

Michelle, who “married” James in a beach commitment ceremony on screen, called off the relationship about a week after filming finished.

She then married ex Bulldogs NRL player Rob – her former flame of two years – just a few months later.

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“It was wonderful, like we had never been apart,” she told The Daily Mail of her and Rob’s renewed romance.

“I wasted seven months of my life not being with Rob… He’s the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Michelle married her ex-boyfriend, Rob, just a few months after she finished filming the reality show. (Via Instagram)

But while the pair are celebrating their six-month wedding anniversary, Michelle also said her new husband found it difficult to watch her on-screen romance with someone else.

“He [Rob] saw the first few episodes of the show but then walked out and said he couldn’t stomach watching anymore,” Michelle said.

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“The hardest thing about the show for me has not been the backlash I got after James and I broke up but seeing Rob have to watch his wife on television kiss another man.”


While Michelle admitted she genuinely loved James at the time, she later found her feelings for him had fizzled – and that she couldn’t stop thinking about her ex-boyfriend.

Michelle’s feelings for James fizzled out.

“When I told James it wasn’t going to work out he was really sad. He wanted us to work through our issues but I didn’t feel the same. He’s disappointed I wasn’t prepared to give it a go.”

“But in the back of my mind I still kept thinking about Rob. I didn’t want to have any regrets and ask ‘what if’.”

Michelle and Rob’s romance was rekindled a few months after the show ended after she emailed him and the pair caught up for drinks at a Sydney bar.

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Michelle said the reality show made her realise where her heart truly belonged.

“Being a part of Married at First Sight was a fantastic experience! It really taught me a lot about myself. James is a great guy with many good qualities. He just wasn’t the one for me,” Michelle told Mamamia in a statement.

“I am now happily married to the love of my life.”

“I am now happily married to the love of my life.” (Via Instagram)

Michelle and James weren’t the only ones to call it quits on their expertly-matched relationship.

Michael and Roni were the first to call it quits despite trying to make it work.

Fiery Clare and farmer Lachlan stayed together two months after the show ended before deciding to end their relationship, although Lachlan clearly thinks dating shows are the way to go in his love quest – he is now a confirmed contestant on The Farmer Wants A Wife.

Of all the Married At First Sight couples, Alex and Zoe were the show’s sole success story, although the pair have publicly suffered hardships – Zoe fell pregnant but then had a miscarriage.

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