Celeb in 5: Wednesday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. Married at First Sight’s Matthew has opened up about losing his virginity on TV.

Last night, Australia saw Married at First Sight’s Matthew lose his virginity on national TV.

After he was hospitalised after suffering a severe bout of anxiety on his honeymoon with new bride Lauren, Matthew soon overcame his fears.

Speaking to TV Week, the videographer opened up about losing his virginity on the reality show.

matthew married at first sight
Yep. It finally happened. Image: YouTube.

"I definitely felt closer to her, I felt a lot more comfortable," he told the magazine.

"There was this compassionate, kind woman who's been really supportive. We had this special moment and it definitely brought us closer."

On last night's episode, Matthew spoke to the cameras after spending the night with his TV wife.

“I think it was worth the 29 year wait,” he said.

“We are so close, we are so connected. It was a beautiful moment, and I’m so glad that it was Loz. I can’t remember the last time I was this happy.”

2. Why Angie and Yvie will never return to Gogglebox.

They've gone from a very comfortable spot the sofa to eating creepy-crawlies in the jungle, but reality TV stars Yvie Jones and Angie Kent may disappear from our screens forever after their stint on I'm a Celebrity.

While the bubbly Sydney flatmates announced late last year they would not be on the next season of Gogglebox - where they found ~fame~ - fans hoped they would eventually make a comeback down the track.


It turns out, they won't.

The former Gogglebox stars have been served a ban from ever returning to the show by Foxtel.


Because the company is "disappointed" by their appearance on I'm a Celeb.


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Speaking to TV TonightFoxtel’s executive director of television Brian Walsh said the move went against the appeal of Gogglebox cast members being everyday people, meaning the show would lose authenticity if they returned.

“From a promotional point of view the issue that upsets Foxtel is the exploitation of the Gogglebox brand to market and sell another program," Mr Walsh said.

“There’s not much you can do about it because they made the decision to leave Gogglebox, and they are quite entitled to pursue a career in television. So that’s their choice.”

So what's next for Angie and Yvie after they're done roughing it in the wild?

Who knows.

Maybe we could see one of them pop up on one of the Bachelor franchises?


3. Sam Wood's interesting theory as to why he thinks Snezana will be having a girl.

Bachelor favourites Sam and Snezana Wood confirmed they are expecting their second child together on Monday, which we are of course thrilled about.

And on Wednesday, 38-year-old personal trainer Sam Wood revealed he is the Wood family baby-belly whisperer and is pretty sure he knows what gender it will be.

We're listening.

It's all to do with pickles.

Speaking on Today Extra, the ecstatic dad explained that Snez, 38, craved the salty treat when she was pregnant with their first daughter, Willow.

And she's craving them again.

"Maybe the pickles are the sign!" he told host David Campbell.

"Snez is quite superstitious with this kind of thing, she thinks it will be a girl," he added.

The pair announced their pregnancy in a series of candid videos shared on Sam's Instagram Story on Monday.

Sam is already a father to one-year-old Willow, and step dad to 13-year-old Eve.


Boy or girl, we bet they will be adorbs.

4. Err… it turns out the worst best man speech in MAFS history was completely made up.

We've had our fair share of shocking, controversial and oh-so-cringeworthy moments on the newest season of Married at First Sight already.

One of which being the most horrific best man speech most of us have ever heard at Jessika and Mick’s fake TV wedding.

In case you missed it, Mick’s best man decided to up and tell a story about “that time he went to a bar and took Viagra”.

MAFS best man speech

Because, yes, we all have a story like that.

The punchline? He eventually found himself in a room having “made a tent over himself” where he proceeded to furiously masturbate, resulting in a hospital trip.

WELL. It turns out it could have all been completely made up and we want our money back.

A source close to Mick told Daily Mail that Broxy - the best man in question - is “deeply embarrassed” by his speech.

Why? Because it never actually happened.

“[The best man] made the whole bloody thing up and now he regrets it,” said the insider. “He’s embarrassed he got dragged into everything.”

They continued: “There was no Viagra, no-one went to hospital despite what he said. He was just playing up to the cameras and trying to make people laugh.”


Yeah... that one didn't quite land Broxy.

5. How Meghan Markle's thumb indicates she could have an 'easy' birth.

Any woman who’s given birth will tell you there’s no such thing as an easy one – but certainly, some are more complicated than others. But in excellent news for The Duchess of Sussex, who is currently approximately six to seven months pregnant, there’s a sign that her childbirth may be easier.

Dr Adam Taylor told Fabulous Digital that Meghan’s ‘hypermobility’ may indicate she will have an easier delivery experience, because she has one very important piece of anatomy: a ‘bendy’ thumb.

It all comes down to her thumbs. Yes, really. Image: Getty.

Dr Taylor explained that a close inspection of the 37-year-old mum-to-be’s hands indicates she has joint hypermobility – where her joints have a range of mobility outside the normal limits.

The doctor believes this could, ahem, extend, to other areas of the Duchess’s body, including her pelvic area. Taylor, an expert in anatomy at Lancaster Medical School, said hypermobility in a pregnant women, especially ones who practice yoga and are thus most likely flexible, such as Meghan, usually experience an ‘easier’ labour.

“The ligaments of the pelvis, which help hold the pelvis together, are believed to loosen over pregnancy,” he said. “So any more mobility within these from having hypermobility may help make delivery easier too.”

You can read the full story right over here.

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