Married At First Sight star Mark Hughes reveals new girlfriend via funny Instagram post.

 Mark Hughes was the country boy whose rural setting just didn’t quite fit the life plan of TV bride and fellow Married At First Sight star Christie Jordee.

The farmer has since announced he has found somebody new, in the only way a 2016 reality TV star can find love these days.

Via Instagram.

A grinning Hughes has shared an image of himself standing with equally happy commercial director, Marie Angeleski.

The farmer captioned the image with a reference to Cher, which is a surefire sign that the guy is an absolute champion.

“When you meet somebody and they make you want to learn all the words to a Cher song!” he wrote.

I will assume he is referring to “I Found Someone” and not “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves” or every other break-up banger she produced.

Fans bombarded the post with well-wishes that celebrated the newfound pairing.

“Woop, woop… It was only a matter of time you were going to meet your match… And a gorgeous one at that,” one fan wrote.

“She looks perfect,” wrote another.

Angeleski seemed equally happy to share the public love with an image of the two dressed in matching outfits.


“When couples dress alike.” she wrote.

When couples dress alike, it means they’re only one step away from bringing their significant others to brunch without asking.

Hughes split from Jordee around May after their pretend marriage hit an almost inevitable road block.

The 37-year-old told Mamamia their long-distance relationship between Sydney and rural Victoria proved too difficult to maintain.

“It was hard to get momentum. We were just stop starting all the time and we never got to see each other properly,” he said.

“We did want to compromise. I was willing to come to Sydney, but I was scared I wasn’t going to be happy there and then obviously the relationship isn’t going to work anyway.”

The two were said to have remained friends.

Feature image via Channel 9. 

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