Married at First Sight's runaway bride seems to have found a new love.

Yes, it looks like Married at First Sight‘s runaway bride Lauren Bran has run into the arms of a new man.

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A series of photos that appear on the reality TV bride’s Instagram account dating back to November, weeks after the show’s filming concluded, show the single mum looking cosy with a fella, understood to be called Jake.

(Image via Instagram/Lauren_Bran)

Hashtags like #myman and #bradybunch on an image of the two surrounded by three children suggest the pair are more than just friends - and that he was also a single dad. also reports there was a post on a now-removed Facebook page that indicated Lauren could have tied the knot.

(Image via Instagram/Lauren_Bran)

Lauren captioned a photo posted in December of two boarding passes, with: "When your boyfriend randomly decides to book a last minute trip", the news website reports.

A keen eye can even spot the passenger names as Jake Barnett and Lauren Barnett, leading some to suggest she's married.

Married? (Image via Facebook.)

Or it could be some weird semi-coincidence that Lauren simply changed her name from Bran to Barnett.

Whatever the case is, we're just pleased to see her looking so happy after her roller coaster reality TV experience.

Not looking good at all. (Image via Instagram/Lauren_Bran)