Married at First Sight's Lachlan is being chased by women from all over Australia.

He now has his pick of willing brides.

He’s the easygoing, charming farmer who describes himself as a bit of a romantic. And now it appears Married at First Sight’s Lachlan has won the hearts of women all over Australia.

The 36-year-old, who married Clare on the reality TV show, told TheFix women have been trying to get in touch with him since the show aired on Channel Nine.

The ultimate blind date: Lachlan waiting for his bride-to-be. (Via Facebook)

"I hear from my friends or from other people about women trying to get my details and stuff like that," Lachlan said.

"They're thinking that, 'I like the farm and I want him to know I will move out there if it doesn't work out with Clare, I will move out there'. So, that's been quite interesting."

But the former-marketing-professional-turned-farmer revealed the single ladies weren't the only ones pursuing him.

Lachlan and Clare were matched by relationship experts. (Via Facebook)

"The strange thing I have found is that a lot of blokes have come up and they're really into the show," Lachlan said.

"They come up to me and tell me their wives are in love with me.

"I've had people stop me in the street, especially in the city. They all say, 'you're so nice'. It's all been a positive response from my perspective."

Clare and Lachlan on their wedding day. (Via Facebook)

Lachlan was one of eight people who "tied the knot" on Married at First Sight after meeting their husband- or wife-to-be for the first time at the altar. The couples were paired by relationship experts as part of a social experiment.

Lachlan was matched to "fiery" 37-year-old marketing manager Clare because the show's  experts thought  the two would balance each other out.

Lachlan lives in the country on his NSW cattle property. (Via Facebook)

"Lachlan is very grounded, very stable and I believe looking for someone like Clare," Neuropsychotherapist Dr Trisha Statford told Channel Nine.

Do you think Lachlan and Clare's marriage will last?

The next episode of Married at First Sight airs on Monday at 8:45pm on Channel Nine.

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