Married At First Sight's Jono Pitman wants to get rid of his wedding band.

It looks like Jono Pitman from Married At First Sight may finally be putting his time on the reality show behind him.

The controversial character took to Instagram today to say he’s ‘moving forward’. He posted a picture of his wedding ring from the show to his 7,500 followers with the caption, “#keeporgo #whatmemories #endofacrazychapter #bringonthenext.”

In the snap, which appears to be downloaded from Snapchat, Pitman is sitting in his car holding the wedding ring with an overlay of text that says, “Look what I found. Who wants it?”

#keeporgo #whatmemories #endofacrazychapter #bringonthenext✌????️

A photo posted by Jono Pitman (@jonopitman19) on May 9, 2016 at 7:22pm PDT


Pitman’s followers were quick to speculate he was going to sell the piece of jewellery for some cold, hard cash.

“Take it to cash converters and make some money off of it,” one user, @ggrmi said. “Sell it on ebay,” said another.

However some users encouraged the 28-year-old to keep the ring. “Keep it! @jonopitman19 whether good or bad it was still a moment in your life and will be a good story to tell your kids one day,” user @reneecoyte said.

Others told Pitman he should sell it and give the money to charity.

Pitman's wife on MAFS just got a tattoo. Image supplied.

His admission that he wants to pass on the wedding band comes after his former wifey, Clare Verrall revealed last night she had been inked for the very first time.

"I’ve always been that bit scared,” the 32-year-old told Mamamia. “But then I just though, I’m not letting my fears hold me back anymore.”

You can watch Clare get her tattoo of a wolf below...