"I had a realisation about men while watching Married At First Sight's Jo and Sean."

I had a realisation while watching Jo and Sean on Married At First Sightmen are kinda d*cks.

Firstly, let me just say that Jo was a delight. She was fun, bubbly and just generally awesome, and if I swung that way, I would totally want to be with her.

But despite her winning personality and infectious smile, which has the ability to light up a thousand rooms, Sean, 39, made it perfectly clear from the very beginning that he was not into her. Which is fine – you’re not going to be attracted to every person you meet – but did he have to be such a d*ck about it?

Here’s the thing, when women don’t find men attractive, we’re never mean to them. At the very least, we’re happy to have gained a friend. Unless they’re complete a**holes, and then all bets are off.

MAFS Sean & Jo
Sean was... not nice to Jo. Image: Instagram.

But Sean couldn't even do that. His treatment of Jo, 39, was at times just cruel and soul-destroying.

I don't know if he was holding out for Karlie Kloss to walk down that aisle, but guess what, Sean - she ain't coming.

If a guy likes you, it's obvious. They practically turn into drooling cartoon characters around you. But they make it just as obvious if they don't like you, too.

And Sean wasn't the only guy on this year's Married At First Sight to treat his partner badly. Mat did it to Alycia and Justin did it to Carly, too.

Can somebody please tell me why these fully grown men went on a television show to find everlasting love if they had no intention of even giving their brides a chance?

Clearly they all had some superficial checklist and they were looking for someone who would tick all of the boxes.

Despite Jo's infectious smile, which has the ability to light up a thousand rooms, Sean made it perfectly clear from the very beginning that he was not into her. Image: Instagram.

Jo, Alycia and Carly all tried so desperately to make their relationships work. Maybe the attraction wasn't immediately there for them either, but they never made it obvious. And they were still determined to nurture their relationships and see if they could grow something real.

But their partners didn't even give them a chance. It was clear the men had decided pretty much from the get-go that they weren't even going to give it a try, and that must've felt devastating for the women.

So in addition to being made to feel horrible about themselves, the women were also forced to lug around their partners like a dead weight. A literal ball and chain.

Men of Australia, if you are reading this, please don't judge women so harshly. Especially when you don't even know us. We don't expect you to be attracted to every woman you meet, but would it kill you to at the very least just be nice?

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Also, most women do a good enough job of judging themselves. They don't need a bunch of men doing the same, feeding their insecurities and making every bad thought they've ever had about themselves a reality.

Take the time to get to know us - and really get to know us. Chances are most of these women who you're passing on at first glance have really amazing personalities and you're missing out on something pretty special. When you're both old and wrinkly, I guarantee you'll just want someone you can really connect with and talk to.

In the end, I'm glad Jo never ended up with Sean, because he didn't deserve her. She deserves to be with a man who can see and appreciate just how amazing she truly is every single day.

And the fact that Sean couldn't do that just may be the reason he's still single.