What 'awkward' bride Zoe from Married at First Sight is like in bed.

And the couple’s baby plans (that they’re already making).

We all sat cringing on our couches on Monday night as we watched Zoe walk down the aisle on Married at First SightShe wouldn’t look her husband in the eye and everyone just wanted to remove themselves from the TV screen but also couldn’t stop watching.

It’s okay guys, this one has a happy ending (in every sense of the word).

That awkward bride seems to have really calmed while on her honeymoon with her new husband. The newly wed spoke to OK Magazine about how much more relaxed she was after the cameras stopped rolling. She also admitted that the couple got to know each other pretty well, pretty quickly once on the honeymoon.

Zoe on the Married at First Sight show. Image vis Married at First Sight Facebook.

"You’ve got everything saying 'romance' and we had a bit of Champagne and things relaxed a little bit. We probably jumped quicker into that stuff than either of us would have expected," she told OK Magazine of their honeymoon on the Great Barrier Reef.

But her new husband was very happy with the pace that things moved and told the magazine that his new wife was pretty good between the sheets.

"She was a hard fish to catch, a classy lady… but she’s a diva in the bedroom," he told OK Magazine.

Things seemed to move so fast, that the new couple are already talking about having kids (that escalated quickly).

"We both value family, and we both envision having kids. We definitely talked about kids and what number we were thinking," Zoe told OK!.

It was an awkward wedding. Image via @marriedau Instagram.

Zoe, 25 married 29-year-old plumber Alex in what was an initially awkward wedding. But the bride did tell The Daily Mail that the pair “put the hot spa to good use” and did “a lot of making out” while in the Great Barrier Reef.

Zoe first decided to go on the show because she was sick of the bullsh*t.

“If we want to get fit we’ll go to the gym, if we want to have a certain job we will go and study, you know, we’ll change our diets, we’ll research things, but when it comes to relationships we literally just think ‘I’ll go to a bar? I’ll … go on Facebook and have random, odd conversations that are meaningless that sound like they could be something?'” she told AAP.

Even though the digital marketing executive admits that when she first saw Alex it wasn't exactly what she'd been expecting, she seems to be pretty happy and loved up now.

Zoe also admitted she likes shows like The Bachelor but she preferred to buy her own roses, instead of competing against other women.

It seems this love may be an everlasting one. Maybe, we'll see next week I guess.

What do you think of the Married at First Sight show?

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