Dear Married at First Sight, this is why your fans are so upset.

Married At First Sight viewers are currently trapped in what we can only describe as reality TV Groundhog Day.

New episodes are old episodes; with fresh footage added as sparingly as a sushi train garnish.

It’s not enjoyable. It’s not exciting. It’s frustrating.

Flashbacks are a plenty; voice-overs where somebody is “weighing this up” are dime a dozen; and viewers are starting to get a little angry.

Listen: Laura Brodnik and Tiffany Dunk explain why fans are so angry with Married at First Sight on The Binge. 

The MAFS Facebook page has become overrun with fans venting about the series’ current offerings.

“The last ceremonies have been dragged out. Could have done all in 1 or 2 episodes,” one said.

“Agree. I didn’t even watch last night till the last 10 minutes.”

“I timed – the segment would go for 3.5 minutes then the adverts were 4 min.”

“It’s mad how long this is taking. Cleaned out my kitchen cupboards while it was on the last night. Sunday I think I’ll paint, so I can watch the paint dry on Sunday night…. will be more dramatic, hopefully.”

simon and alene still together
Simon and Alene look like the stock photos you get when you buy picture frames. (Source: Channel 9/Facebook.)

The series, which remains a ratings winner, is yet to announce when the finale will be aired.

One fan shared their theory about why the series remained ongoing despite such scarce levels of fresh content.


"Yesterday morning I heard on the radio that this crap show has been such a ratings winner that they are actually extending it with all the little re-caps," they wrote on the page.

"It would be much better to have a follow up "where are they now" as we all want to know what has become of these couples and are they still together six months down the road."

Our faces when we hear the series might go on for another 2 weeks. (Source: Channel 9/Facebook.)

The Binge hosts Laura Brodnik and Tiffany Dunk discussed this viewer fatigue on the latest episode of their television podcast.

"When I tuned in on Monday night, they just went on and on. It felt like there was approximately two minutes of new footage - I've seen all the flashbacks," Tiffany said.

"There's heaps of really good television on at the moment so why should I waste an hour and a half watching basically what I've seen over the previous episodes."

Nadia's face is how I imagine the fans on the MAFS Facebook look when they're liking things. (Source: Channel 9/Facebook.)

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Laura said Channel Nine's decision to offer new footage so sparingly was a well-thought out strategy.

"I think this is a smart marketing move from Channel 9," Laura said.

"I feel like there's so much momentum around the show that they're probably thinking, 'we can stretch this out to April. We've got enough footage in the bank.'"

There may be enough footage for further episodes but the current level of fury spells disaster for the brand over the long term.

How long will fans tune in for old episodes dressed anew before they tune out forever?

Will you keep watching? 

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