Sydney fashion designer slams Married At First Sight's "pile on" bullying.

A Sydney designer, who had one of her designs featured on Married At First Sight, has said what we’re all thinking about the dating reality TV show.

Last night, Gabrielle Bartlett wore a charcoal cape with bejewelled shoulders from South of The Border Sydney. In an episode where viewers saw her stand strong in asking for what she wants and deserves in a relationship from her ‘husband’ Nassar, it was the perfect power piece.

But while designer Vanessa Cranfield was proud to see one of her pieces on screen, there is one thing about the show that has her concerned.

“The cape that Gab wore on Married At First Sight was South of The Border. It is my design from my head,” she wrote on Instagram.

“While I am very proud this beautiful woman chose to wear one of my pieces on TV, I am very concerned about the pile-on style of bullying that this style of reality TV show seems to provoke.

“More Sarah and Telvs please. I want the happy ending. I want the fairytale.”

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She’s not the first to comment on the bullying offline that has occurred this season.

It’s an opinion many have expressed on Twitter.



Blogger, author and radio presenter Constance Hall also shared a lengthy essay last week calling for people to stop bullying controversial contestant Davina.

“Davina off Married At First Sight doesn’t have to be your cup of team you don’t have to like her, or approve of her actions,” she wrote.

“But she has been repeatedly called a s**t, whore, media whore, home wrecker, scumbag. I have even seen her blamed as the “reason for domestic violence in this country” online and it’s not OK.”

It’s a timely reminder to think before you post and to remember reality TV isn’t always an accurate reflection of reality.