The Married at First Sight editing fails we've missed this season.

It seems that perhaps this season of Married at First Sight has been so exciting that whoever is actually editing the show has become a little… distracted.

Which is fine. But it’s also something that, yeah, you notice when you’re dedicating a frankly absurd proportion of your life to the one TV show.

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Last night, for example, Patrick and Charlene were cooking breakfast in the kitchen and having a chat about the fact that Patrick’s mum might hate Charlene for no reason, etc, etc.

THEN, out of nowhere, Patrick is wearing a completely different shirt.

No one changes their clothes while making breakfast that is a fact.

When you're making breakfast
Then change your shirt to speak to the camera
Then change it back again.

The continuity is shocking but I blame no one because it's easy to miss when later in the episode it turns out DEAN IS A RAPPER WITH THE RAP NAME VISUALZ.

There's two other recent Married at First Sight editing fails you may have missed, but also may have spotted because you spend more time watching this show than you do with your family.


The magic couch

During Sunday night's commitment ceremony, Davina and Ryan had a very intense discussion with the experts. But, um, every time the camera shifted from the experts to the couple, they were seated differently.


Pls, if you're going to implode your fake relationship on national television, keep your positioning consistent. I beg you.

The dessert that got uneaten

At the infamous dinner party which saw Davina try to befriend Tracey while simultaneously stealing her fake husband, the 26-year-old was shown having a conversation with Tracey and Nasser while eating dessert.

Moments later, DESSERT IS SERVED.



It's almost as if the producers are messing with the timeline in order to make things more dramatic. 

This show is a lie and I don't mind even a little bit.

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