There's already a heart-breaker on Married at First Sight.

We really thought these guys were a strong couple too.

Image via Married at First Sight Facebook page.

The new marriage show on Australia’s TV screens, Married at First Sight aired it’s first episode last Monday. Tonight we will get to see how the newly married couples are going. But it seems we may have someone to worry about.

A former lover of one of the show’s grooms, Michael has spoken to New Idea about how he left her heart broken, telling his new wife to be wary.

The woman, who asked not to be identified described the beginning of her romance with the Married at First Sight groom as a fairytale story. She met him at a bar and sparks flew instantly.

Michael waiting for his new bride. Image via @marriedau Instagram.

Although they were only together for a short six weeks he had already started saying he could see a future with her and she admitted to the magazine that she thought he was 'The One'.

"He told me he could see us having a future, could see us getting married. It was everything I was hoping for," she told New Idea.

The former partner said they'd had a passionate relationship - had worked really well in the bedroom and that she thought she'd 'hit the jackpot'.  But after just six weeks he bailed - stopped contacting her and that was it.

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A psychologist on the marriage show, Sabina Read spoke to Debrief Daily last week and said that while she initially turned down the offer to go on the show she became fascinated with the concept and really wanted to be involved.

Her optimism about the series shows that maybe there is hope for Michael and Roni to have a lasting relationship.

Maybe Michael and Roni will last. Image via Married at First Sight Facebook page.

"When we experience that initial high of burning attraction, no-one and nothing else matters. Birds chip louder, the sun shines brighter and every love song on the radio feels like it was written for you and your honey," she told Debrief Daily.


Read goes on to explain that it's during this love-struck euphoria stage that people give way to the comfort of having someone, which ultimately leads to marriage and maybe children. But of course, over time it is normal for a relationship to change  and for conflict to become more frequent.

"Between 20-40 per cent of partners engage in emotional and physical affairs seeking intimacy, understanding or connection outside the relationship," Read said. "In 2013, 118,962 couples formalised their relationships in marriage, and 47,638 couples got divorced."

So, while Michael's ex-lover is stamping warning signs all over Michael's head and making sure that Roni is well aware of what she's getting herself in to, perhaps it will work out for Roni and her new husband.

It may be everlasting... Image via @marriedau Instagram.

Ultimately how a person acts in one relationship is not always how they'll act in the next, or another.

While Read doesn't necessarily think the show is a guarantee at everlasting love she said that the stats and her professional expertise have made her wonder if the modern practice of falling in love and getting married is the best way to fulfil our desire for a life-long connection and love.

"What would it be like if we were more mindful about the ingredients we put into a relationship?" she said on Debrief Daily.

I guess we can only wait and see.

What do you think of the concept of getting 'Married at First Sight'?

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