Married at First Sight's Clare shares how she really feels about Jono's comments.

It’s hard enough hearing that people are saying terrible, awful and insulting things behind your back.

But to say them behind your back and also broadcast them to an entire country of people? Well surely that ups the stakes to a new kind of insulting.

But Married at First Sight‘s Clare, whose ‘husband’ Jono now infamously told the show she was “not what [he] ordered” upon seeing her for the first time, won’t be losing any sleep over those comments. 

In fact, she has gone as far to say she “wasn’t offended” hearing the comments for the first time after the episode aired on Tuesday night. And proves in that statement that is probably a better person that you or I.

Watch Jono react to seeing Clare for the first time. Post continues after video…

“If you have someone who has very strong idea of what you want and they give you the exact opposite, I get where he is coming from,” Verrall told AAP.

However, Clare doesn’t go as far as vindicating her ‘husband’ completely for the comments, acknowledging that it was just the teensiest bit awkward hearing them so long after the wedding.

“He wanted someone little and a brunette and I am not that. I am not offended by that, but it sounded awkward,” she said.

Even more awkward, Clare acknowledges, was the fact that Jono never seemed as interested or invested as she did.

“He said to camera that he didn’t really feel it and I actually felt a real comfort with him and this wasn’t shown. We took each other’s hand when I got the end of the aisle and he really put me at ease because I was really nervous.

“I felt a real connection with him so that was awkward watching that back," she said.

Graceful, but definitely not the pushover-type, Clare does say that although she wasn't offended by the comments he made about not being what he "ordered", she did have a problem with him referring to her as "woman".

“If he called me woman one more time I would have kicked him. I was angry about it. Very much a foot club attitude. I don’t stand for people calling me a woman," she added.

She may not have won a fan in Jono, but she's won fans in us.