The chilling reason that Clare and Jono's 'marriage' was destined to fail.

It’s no wonder things didn’t work out between Married At First Sight couple Clare and Jono.

The Herald Sun has confirmed that in 2008, contestant Jono Pitman, who caused controversy throughout the show for his fiery temper, admitted to assault and recklessly causing injury to another man in a bar fight. He appeared before the Ringwood Magistrates Court and was ­ordered to complete an anger-management course.

Jono Pitman was ordered to take part in an anger-management course. (Image via Channel 9)

It has been revealed that Channel Nine were aware of the 28-year-old tradie's history with violence, and knowingly paired him with 31-year-old Clare Verall, who had been open about suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after she was assaulted.

Last year, Clare was the victim of a random attack in the Melbourne suburb of Prahran. She suffered a broken nose, broken toe and black-eye after a man attacked her while she was walking her dog.

She suffered a broken nose, broken toe and black-eye after a man attacked her while she was walking her dog. (Image via Facebook)

Clare says she was shocked when she became aware of Jono's past during filming.


“I was very disappointed that, knowing my history of PTSD after a violent attack and knowing I had joined the show earnestly trying to put myself out there to find love, the show and psychologists partnered me with someone who had known anger management issues and who has been arrested for violent behaviour,” she told the Herald Sun.

When approached for comment, a spokesperson for Channel Nine said that both contestants underwent psychological testing, and neither asked to withdraw for filming when they became aware of each other's past experiences.

Clare and Jono's relationship was tumultuous to say the very least. Post continues after video...

Video via Channel 9

“Jono does not have a history of violence, he has no criminal record,” the statement said.

“He was involved in an incident eight years ago and attended an anger-management course, which was known."

Clare and Jono's marriage ended before the show's conclusion, but both appeared on the final episode to reflect on their experiences.

Jono told Nova's Fitzy and Wippa last week that he had not spoken to Clare since the show ended.