"I'm a strong woman." Married At First Sight's Charlene talks about why she confronted Dean.

Charlene – also known as Married At First Sight‘s no-nonsense sass queen – let Dean, 39, have it on Wednesday night’s episode, and for a good reason. The show’s resident bad boy had initiated a conversation with the other blokes, where he asked them all which of the other girls they’d like to, er, copulate with.

Charming as usual, Dean.

Charlene’s partner Patrick, 34, was there when the conversation broke out, but after quickly deciding he was uncomfortable with the topic at hand, he excused himself and went home… like all the other men should have done.

Video by A Current Affair

“It just made me really embarrassed to be associated with this group of guys,” he later told A Current Affair.

Clearly he told Charlene about what had transpired, because in addition to being a dream, he is a decent human being, and she decided she was having none of that.

The 33-year-old confronted the boys at the dinner party, and that’s when things got really heated, with Charlene telling one of the perps to “pipe down, Chachi.”

Patrick and Charlene don't have time for this bullsh*t. Image: A Current Affair

"I just let them have it... Let them know what I thought," she said on A Current Affair.

Despite the drama it caused, Charlene said she had no regrets about speaking her mind - even though the boys might not have liked what they heard.

"Once again I am the bad guy... I am always the bad guy," she said.

"I'm a strong woman. And I just think that to a lot of the people at that table, I am the one woman to call them out on their crap."

MAFS Patrick & Charlene ACA
The other guys literally disgust Charlene. Image: A Current Affair

She then said something so true and spectacular, we were left completely in awe of this magnificent goddess.

"The thing that made me really angry about it is that they talk about swapping and all the rest of it, with no consideration to, 'Do you think any of those girls would actually want to be with you?'"


Extra points for the disgusted face she made while making that statement.

Bow down.

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